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Up here in the Swiss Alps it is winter wonderland as new snow has just arrived but we are all heading towards spring. Right now it is the Lunar New Year so I am wishing you a year filled with blessings and dreams coming true. May you overcome challenges and look fear in the eyes to know you are always seeking love and light as you have trust in your personal growth, knowing it is one step at a time.

I really hope you are doing okay in these weird times we have and that you truly have overcome a…

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I see your soul, I pick up your energies, I see your stories...

Marian I see Your soul


I'm here today to re-introduce myself to you, beautiful soul. It has been a while since I last connected fully, I felt today was the right time to say hello again.

I'd rather be saying hello, face to face, so instead I've created a video for you - do you have 2 minutes to watch?

"I see your soul, I pick up your energies, I see your stories. Your story is written in your face. As soon as you open yourself up to me, I can feel you and see you. This is my gift and this is h…

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Love and Support Lillian Pearl Bridges

Lillian Pearl Bridges

In deep sadness, I share with you, that our dear and beloved Lillian Pearl Bridges has gotten ill with neuroendocrine cancer and is undergoing treatment, and along side being taken good care of from her family, she is in need of our love and support!

Photo Self Cultivation 2014

Photo: Theme Day Self Cultivation Rothenburg TCM Congress.


I have known dear Lillian since my study time of Chinese Medicine, over 20 years, and her teachings, wisdom and our friendship, means the world to me, and I know, for many others too.…

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Breaking Apart to Finally Fall in to Place

breaking apart to finally fall in to place

You did not regularly hear from me for a long time..! I was giving all my energy to my dear father's transition into the light, to my own little family and trying to hold myself together.

My father died on the 11th of February and it was a very emotional process. Being here in the Swiss Alps and traveling as much as I could home to Denmark to be by his side in the last month of his life.

Corona virus did not make it easier traveling-wise with all the changing rules, tests and Code Red! It is ch…

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Fire Rituals Are So Powerful.

fire rituals are so powerful

Magical Moments in life are true blessings and so was the Summer Solstice Celebration with my Shaman.

I am sharing with you in short videos and photos this sacred celebration that was transformational on so many levels.

On our way to the fire ritual all excited and full of joy even if the weather is.... well... we had Petrus on our side ;-)

WELCOME greetings from Shaman Daniela and smudged for cleaning the aura, an energetical shower!

As we step into the sacred circle and honour the fi…

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Marian what can you do for me?

Marian what can you do for me  (2)

Let me answer that question for you.

A few years ago I was asked what I do.

And this was my answer:

“I support people transforming their darkness into love and light”

The person I was talking to, looked at me like I was crazy.

‘What does that mean in tangible terms?’

And here’s the thing. For me, this is so clear.


What about you? Is this clear for you too?


If it’s not clear for you, let me share this:

“It is like the Dao, when you want to explain what the Dao is, it is no longer th…

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Overcoming something you never thought was possible!



One of the wonderful things about writing a book is the way you start to look at your life and see its patterns. You take a little step back from the everyday hurry and see things you wouldn’t always notice.

A beautiful inner journey in many ways and also a way to look into your own darkness! (More about that later…)

One of the things I’ve noticed is my son. His behaviour has been a challenge to us recently. We didn’t understand his reactions and we didn’t know how to influence him.


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Let us make this fall season fruitful and magical….


Over the last 18 months, my feet haven’t really touched the ground. I 
moved from my private clinic, (yes I sold my beloved Chinese Medicine 
Clinic) to follow my Heart Way.

I set up a new business online, organized two summits, created 2 
different online courses, worked 1:1 privately with women and created a 
Facebook group, Conscious Business Community, as well. I’m sure you have 
noticed some of this....

Your heart way is that inner voice calling you to grow.

It’s been incredible in many ways …

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