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Up here in the Swiss Alps it is winter wonderland as new snow has just arrived but we are all heading towards spring. Right now it is the Lunar New Year so I am wishing you a year filled with blessings and dreams coming true. May you overcome challenges and look fear in the eyes to know you are always seeking love and light as you have trust in your personal growth, knowing it is one step at a time.

I really hope you are doing okay in these weird times we have and that you truly have overcome any challenges from last year. We are now in a new year full of new opportunities and a new journey to be travelled. At my heart I'm wishing you a beautiful new year, a healing journey and for you to unfold your potential so you can live in alignment with your calling. 

What's Coming Up in Spring 2022

A few years ago my dear Swedish friend and colleague, Eva Marie and I created an online course together linked to our joint passion for Chinese Face Reading. We are both Master Face Readers from our dear beloved teacher Lillian Pearl Bridges, who was a world-leading authority in this field of medicine and healing. 

Lillian heartbreakingly passed away in September last year and now as her students, we are honoured to continue her legacy from her Chinese Chen family lineage of Face Reading. To serve the world with her knowledge and wisdom rooted in the ancient Daoist tradition and for you to get great insights with this transformational tool.  

In your 4 weeks journey to Unfold Your Potential with Face Reading, you will be able to interpret your face, your features, lines and imprints. You will understand who you are and your abilities and strengths which are all reflected in your face. Your face is an open book about your life story, what you have experienced and where you can find guidance, healing and release imbalances.  

Now it is time to serve you with our 4 weeks online course "Unfold Your Potential with Face Reading". 

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"It's is our greatest pleasure to serve you with our upcoming online course and to take you on a journey of self discovery with Chinese Face Reading!"
Eva Marie and Marian

Sweet smiles to you,


Your Soul Seer and Modern Shaman


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