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Marian what can you do for me?

Marian what can you do for me  (2)

Let me answer that question for you.

A few years ago I was asked what I do.

And this was my answer:

“I support people transforming their darkness into love and light”

The person I was talking to, looked at me like I was crazy.

‘What does that mean in tangible terms?’

And here’s the thing. For me, this is so clear.


What about you? Is this clear for you too?


If it’s not clear for you, let me share this:

“It is like the Dao, when you want to explain what the Dao is, it is no longer th…

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Overcoming something you never thought was possible!



One of the wonderful things about writing a book is the way you start to look at your life and see its patterns. You take a little step back from the everyday hurry and see things you wouldn’t always notice.

A beautiful inner journey in many ways and also a way to look into your own darkness! (More about that later…)

One of the things I’ve noticed is my son. His behaviour has been a challenge to us recently. We didn’t understand his reactions and we didn’t know how to influence him.


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Let us make this fall season fruitful and magical….


Over the last 18 months, my feet haven’t really touched the ground. I 
moved from my private clinic, (yes I sold my beloved Chinese Medicine 
Clinic) to follow my Heart Way.

I set up a new business online, organized two summits, created 2 
different online courses, worked 1:1 privately with women and created a 
Facebook group, Conscious Business Community, as well. I’m sure you have 
noticed some of this....

Your heart way is that inner voice calling you to grow.

It’s been incredible in many ways …

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Who is Marian Nielsen Joos, the Business Shaman?

 Healing is in my blood. As a child in Northern Denmark, growing up near the sea, I learned to watch, listen and observe what was going on around me. I realised that often what we say and do is not what we feel inside. There is a gap. That fascinated me.

When I was 25, on my mother's deathbed, during a very dark time in my life, I suddenly saw what a healer could do. This set me off on my 15-year path working with Chinese medicine, where I healed many thousands of clients in my private clinic. …

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