Can You Feel Peace Of Mind?

Can you feel peace of mind

Recently we were all up in the mountains at my parents-in-law Alp Hut.

I love it so much here and it is breath taking each time we are here.

This is a place where I naturally find peace of mind.

It is impossible not to get into this state of mind up there in the alps.

Yes nature helps us to get at peace...

We all know that right - that we all have felt peace of mind being in nature! 

It is like resetting your whole system and simply being one with nature.

Nature is both a safe place and a healing place for us all.

Is there a special place you go to, to get into this state of mind, of peace and calmness?

Maybe it is just your backyard that fills you with joy and gives you this peace of mind?

Maybe it is somewhere close to your home where you always go for a walk maybe with your dog?

Maybe it is your favourite place that you love traveling to?

There are many places here on Mother Earth that is serving us with peace of mind!

We only have to stop up and allow it to happen right in front of our eyes. Allow this state of mind to be all that we feel, being at peace in our mind and heart!

When we first feel it and it comes naturally to us, we can recall this feeling any where, simply sitting at home in a moment of stillness or at the office in the break, where you clear everything out of your consciousness and allow this state of mind to be there for you.

Maybe right now you would like to pause everything, put your hands on your heart and allow this feeling to come forward, recal being in nature at some point and you were in this stage of mind, feeling at peace!

Do it right now and take a few deep breath creating this alignment with nature in your mind and be at peace!


I am smiling to you from the top of the mountains and wishing you a blissful feeling right now in this moment!

Sweet smiles to you,



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