Turning Points

Marian Blog Turning Points
With all my heart, I know how important it is to allow the changes, embrace the turning points, so you can feel empowered and not disempowered.
How would you otherwise live your soul purpose, fulfil your potential and feel the alignment in your life?

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Beyond Face Reading, It's a Healing Journey!

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Dear colleague, friend and lover of the ancient Chinese Healing Tradition.

It is beyond learning about Face Reading.

This course is also a healing journey for you! 

Eva-Marie and I would like to hold space for you as you embark on a healing journey, you will get to understand your own facial features and lines which will give you a deeper and clearer insight about your own face, all of which will lead you to unfold your true potential within these weeks and this journey.

“This co…

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Did You Celebrate Summer Solstice?

CElebrating Summer Solstice
Did You Also Celebrate the Summer Solstice? I surely did in the powerful hands of my great Shaman and teacher Daniela with the Powers of the Swiss Nature.
Among rain, thunder and lightning my dear friends and I walked to the sacred circle to honour the shift in seasons!
Honouring the light, Mother Earth and the journeys that we are all on in this world of today with many challenges.

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Can You Feel Peace Of Mind?

Can you feel peace of mind

Recently we were all up in the mountains at my parents-in-law Alp Hut.

I love it so much here and it is breath taking each time we are here.

This is a place where I naturally find peace of mind.

It is impossible not to get into this state of mind up there in the alps.

Yes nature helps us to get at peace...

We all know that right - that we all have felt peace of mind being in nature! 

It is like resetting your whole system and simply being one with nature.

Nature is both a safe place and a…

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Reading your face is a gateway to your life story.

Reading your face is a gateway to your life story blog

YES wrinkles are not just wrinkles for us face readers, they are the story of your life. Do you want to know why?

As a face reader I am scanning your face - especially your facial lines, yes the wrinkles. But for me they are not just wrinkles and a sign of ageing. No, they are a reflection of your life story. When you have gone through challenging life periods, these periods are what also gives big life lessons and your face lines reflects this: if you understood that life lesson or if you unde…

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Unfold Your Potential with Face Reading

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Up here in the Swiss Alps it is winter wonderland as new snow has just arrived but we are all heading towards spring. Right now it is the Lunar New Year so I am wishing you a year filled with blessings and dreams coming true. May you overcome challenges and look fear in the eyes to know you are always seeking love and light as you have trust in your personal growth, knowing it is one step at a time.

I really hope you are doing okay in these weird times we have and that you truly have overcome a…

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