Shamanic Healing

Beyond Face Reading, It's a Healing Journey!

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Dear colleague, friend and lover of the ancient Chinese Healing Tradition.

It is beyond learning about Face Reading.

This course is also a healing journey for you! 

Eva-Marie and I would like to hold space for you as you embark on a healing journey, you will get to understand your own facial features and lines which will give you a deeper and clearer insight about your own face, all of which will lead you to unfold your true potential within these weeks and this journey.

“This co…

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Did You Celebrate Summer Solstice?

CElebrating Summer Solstice
Did You Also Celebrate the Summer Solstice? I surely did in the powerful hands of my great Shaman and teacher Daniela with the Powers of the Swiss Nature.
Among rain, thunder and lightning my dear friends and I walked to the sacred circle to honour the shift in seasons!
Honouring the light, Mother Earth and the journeys that we are all on in this world of today with many challenges.

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I see your soul, I pick up your energies, I see your stories...

Marian I see Your soul


I'm here today to re-introduce myself to you, beautiful soul. It has been a while since I last connected fully, I felt today was the right time to say hello again.

I'd rather be saying hello, face to face, so instead I've created a video for you - do you have 2 minutes to watch?

"I see your soul, I pick up your energies, I see your stories. Your story is written in your face. As soon as you open yourself up to me, I can feel you and see you. This is my gift and this is h…

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Fire Rituals Are So Powerful.

fire rituals are so powerful

Magical Moments in life are true blessings and so was the Summer Solstice Celebration with my Shaman.

I am sharing with you in short videos and photos this sacred celebration that was transformational on so many levels.

On our way to the fire ritual all excited and full of joy even if the weather is.... well... we had Petrus on our side ;-)

WELCOME greetings from Shaman Daniela and smudged for cleaning the aura, an energetical shower!

As we step into the sacred circle and honour the fi…

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Marian what can you do for me?

Marian what can you do for me  (2)

Let me answer that question for you.

A few years ago I was asked what I do.

And this was my answer:

“I support people transforming their darkness into love and light”

The person I was talking to, looked at me like I was crazy.

‘What does that mean in tangible terms?’

And here’s the thing. For me, this is so clear.


What about you? Is this clear for you too?


If it’s not clear for you, let me share this:

“It is like the Dao, when you want to explain what the Dao is, it is no longer th…

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Sanne overlevede og mor døede!

Det er sen aften og hele min familie sover trykt, de er måske i drømmeland eller har totalt fred i deres sjæle. Jeg der imod er rørt til tåre, efter at jeg har set, følt og mærket Mads Langer synge sangen "Overgir' mig langsomt til dig" specialt til Sanne Salomonsen ved TV2's Toppen af Poppen. Den fulde version med alt det dette youtube klip indbære, af klip bag senen og tanker omkring sangen.




Ser klippe igen og endnu en gang kommer de smukke tåre frem, løber ned over min…

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Cokorda Rai a traditional healer and shaman of Bali

Balian are the name of the traditional healers and shamans of Bali, they play an important role for the tradition here on this beautiful paradise island.

WOW was I excited to go to this healer here on Bali. All ready on our arrival evening, I told out Villa manager Suzanne, that we wanted to visit a healer. She speaks the local language and she has lived here for more than 22 years. So she called the next morning and we could go the day after between 10 and 11. What was I to expect for …

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The Shaman Within!



“Let us all put theory aside and connect to the pool of wisdom that we are all connected to”.

With this line, Dr. Med Klaus Dieter Platsch started his workshop at a congress of Chinese Medicine in Graz - the Tao Congress - quite some years ago.

This sentence fascinated me and has been on my mind ever since. This was a medical doctor, at a congress for Chinese medicine, organized by the Austrian Medical Acupuncture Association, who had asked at least 60 people to put a…

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