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Can You Feel Peace Of Mind?

Can you feel peace of mind

Recently we were all up in the mountains at my parents-in-law Alp Hut.

I love it so much here and it is breath taking each time we are here.

This is a place where I naturally find peace of mind.

It is impossible not to get into this state of mind up there in the alps.

Yes nature helps us to get at peace...

We all know that right - that we all have felt peace of mind being in nature! 

It is like resetting your whole system and simply being one with nature.

Nature is both a safe place and a…

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I see your soul, I pick up your energies, I see your stories...

Marian I see Your soul


I'm here today to re-introduce myself to you, beautiful soul. It has been a while since I last connected fully, I felt today was the right time to say hello again.

I'd rather be saying hello, face to face, so instead I've created a video for you - do you have 2 minutes to watch?

"I see your soul, I pick up your energies, I see your stories. Your story is written in your face. As soon as you open yourself up to me, I can feel you and see you. This is my gift and this is h…

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Love and Support Lillian Pearl Bridges

Lillian Pearl Bridges

In deep sadness, I share with you, that our dear and beloved Lillian Pearl Bridges has gotten ill with neuroendocrine cancer and is undergoing treatment, and along side being taken good care of from her family, she is in need of our love and support!

Photo Self Cultivation 2014

Photo: Theme Day Self Cultivation Rothenburg TCM Congress.


I have known dear Lillian since my study time of Chinese Medicine, over 20 years, and her teachings, wisdom and our friendship, means the world to me, and I know, for many others too.…

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