Breaking Apart to Finally Fall in to Place

breaking apart to finally fall in to place

You did not regularly hear from me for a long time..! I was giving all my energy to my dear father's transition into the light, to my own little family and trying to hold myself together.

My father died on the 11th of February and it was a very emotional process. Being here in the Swiss Alps and traveling as much as I could home to Denmark to be by his side in the last month of his life.

Corona virus did not make it easier traveling-wise with all the changing rules, tests and Code Red! It is challenging enough losing a loved one, and for me my last parent.

This has opened up for an even higher process within myself and many changes will happen over these next months on the outside, as it has on the inside and still is... both personally and professionally.

I am sure you have experienced something like this from your own life... high changes happening within and that makes you seek high changes in your life.

Everything has been so intense and in these moments you question all have you been through too.

Bless be his soul my dear father and now my beloved parents are holding hands again in Heaven!

And we just had my father's memorial ceremony here at home in Denmark last Thursday!




I know, I am not the only one that has been through great sufferings over these last few months. Life shakes us in a most crazy and devastating way at times and yes it is bloody painful.

I have had time to heal, step back, and surround myself with time to just BE!

This has opened up for a even higher process within myself and many changes will happen over these next months on the outside as it has on the inside.

When these high changes happen, they make you do high changes in your life, like take that step you did not dare before.

Truly I can say that with the loss of my father, being through this process has also given me back to myself in a way, and connected me to my true calling. Because I asked myself the big questions in life!

You know, you question all - as death is challenging you to take a good look at your life. And when you do that, things will start to happen.

Breaking apart to finally fall into place - coming home.





So now being home in Denmark, it is time to relax and have holiday. Having a lot of down time and family time! 

My doors will be open again and I will be of service for you at the beginning of August when I am back in my Swiss Mountains.

You will see me making special offers again, new courses will be ready for you and I will start to serve you all inside our community too.

Here are some things that we can work on for you to take the next important step forward. Either in your personal life or in your business, well they go together don't they!?

This is your time to heal, transform and raise your vibrations for spiritual/personal growth:

- Illuminate the blind spots of your story or wounds... to gain empowerment and clarity!

- Reconnect with your Soul Purpose and your Calling... to truly feel your alignment and take soulful action!

- Gain true alignment with Spirit through rituals... work is done for you from the Spirit world!


You can contact me and I will gladly jump on a 15 mins free introduction call from the beginning of August, where we can see if we are a match and I will tell you how I am able to serve you.

Deep healing, transformation and life changing impact can happen for you now, if you're ready to embrace it.

It's time for you to walk the line and embrace the change you are deeply longing for!

Contact me for your 15 min free call, grab you spot, bring a cup of tea and let's meet in a heart to heart connection.

My door is open for you in the beginning of August, I welcome you inside and I will hold sacred space for you!


Sending you summer greetings from the sea side of Denmark

Sweet smiles to you,


Modern Shaman, Wisdom Guide & Chinese Medicine Healer

Journey to clarity, alignment and success 




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