I Never Thought I Would

Marian I never thought I would

I've really never thought that I was to become a puppy mother of a sweet little Havaneser girl that we have named Smilla Joy.

BUT our kids, especially our girls Zoey and Malou, was dying to get a four-legged family member and the sooner the better.

After many months of thousands of thoughts I finally gave in and said yes to it.... knowing that I were about to be a mother for the 4th time!

Our dearest neighbours have a Havaneser too, sweetie Lou, and we have fallen in love with her and this kind of family dog.

BUT again, a BUT, I was born multi-allergy and got crazy allergy reactions as a child to all kind of animals, the worst was dogs and horses!

By the way my first power-animal was the horse... interesting right! Do you know your power-animal?

My dear brother were ready to "sell" me as a child for him to have a dog, that was his deepest wish as a child and he did get his dog Pluto!

I never thought that I would....

I've really never thought that I would.... that is a line I am sure you know of too in your life! 

There are so many things that we never thought would happen or come true or even that we dare to do... right?

I really never thought that I would be a mother of 3 and let alone a dog mother!

I really never thought that I would live in the Swiss mountains and have a summer house in my own country Denmark!

I really never thought that I would run a successful clinic of Chinese Medicine for over 15 years to then jump into my new path as a Shaman Healer!

I really never thought that I would go online and work with people from all around the world, writing on my book as we speak, having dyslexia and writing was not my favourite thing as I did not fit into the normal box but I found my way - I have found my way many times even if I am so bad in orientation! 

Tell me what did YOU really never thought that would....come true in your life?

It is really magical what life offers us and how we grow as humans, that has huge effects for us both personally as professionally, when things come true!

Yes there is free will, but there is destiny and the spiritual look up on that is, that with destiny you can only wiggle it a bit with your free will, because there is a Mandate from Heaven and you have your life purpose to live out here on earth.

There is a RED THREAD linking it all together and you are meant to go through different LIFE LESSONS for you to evolve as a human in this life time, so good luck my dear and keep letting things come true that you never ever expected could happen as you lean into trusting your path.

Sweet smiles to you,



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