Love and Support Lillian Pearl Bridges

Lillian Pearl Bridges

In deep sadness, I share with you, that our dear and beloved Lillian Pearl Bridges has gotten ill with neuroendocrine cancer and is undergoing treatment, and along side being taken good care of from her family, she is in need of our love and support!

Photo Self Cultivation 2014

Photo: Theme Day Self Cultivation Rothenburg TCM Congress.


I have known dear Lillian since my study time of Chinese Medicine, over 20 years, and her teachings, wisdom and our friendship, means the world to me, and I know, for many others too. Lillian can not help loving you, loving humanity, if I can say so. She will spot your potential, your golden path, your mandate from Heaven, your challenges and your healing transformation.

She blew me away from the first moment I attended a class of hers at the Chiway Academy by Hamid Montakab here in Switzerland. Her family tradition and lineage is of Face Reading, and in this ancient knowledge and healing wisdom, Lillian is an authority and world known expert. It is my greatest honour to be a master face reader myself of her tradition together with my dear colleagues of the Lotus Institute. 

It has always been my greatest pleasure to have Lillian be part of everything that I have ever organized in our community of Chinese Medicine. Starting out with small classes at my fathers hotel in Denmark, just as I was educated or her being part of all 4 Chinese Medicine Congresses in Denmark, followed by online summits and webinars, along with everything I was invited to do at the Rothenburg TCM Congress - YES I deeply love her teachings (and her).

2016 Rothenburg Womens Lunch Lectures-49

2016 Rothenburg Womens Lunch Lectures-52

Photos: Lillian and I teaching together at the Rothenburg Congress. 


She is also a magnificent story teller and her stories are so life transforming: they are bringing Heaven down to Earth, The Shen forward in a person, and connecting to Ling! The meaning her words/stories have had for my own healing and transformation is unbelievable. Like wise for all my patients and clients that I have share them with, I am personally deeply grateful and I carry her wisdom in my heart.

Here is a most wonderful teaching of Lillian's from my Scandinavian TCM Congress - where her topic was Emotional Alchemy and as you hear me speak in the beginning referring to Lillian's middle name Pearl, Lillian's teachings is PEARLS OF WISDOM and will always be!


Emotional Alchemy LINK OPEN HERE



Photo: Lillian teaching at the First Scandinavian TCM Congress 2007.


To all of us who know her and love her, it is time to give back to her and her family. Lillian has supported so many for years with her insights, care and love. You can now help her by donating to Lillian's Recovery & Care, as her family have set up a GoFundMe account, the family is utterly grateful for anything you choose to contribute!




It is time for Lillian to harvest from all the love and care she has always spread to many around the world, I ask for you to send donations if you can, your prayers, loving care & healing light, so she can receive from us all.

And you can find much more about Lillian on her website the Lotus Institute. 


Lotus Institute



"Dear Lillian I love you with all my heart and I wish you deep transformational healing, great recovering with all the love from your family, friends and connections from around the world!"

Your friend Marian




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