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  • How to use shamanic work to step into your greatness and thrive in your life and business
  • Your life as a mirror for your personal, spiritual development
  • Stories of deep, inner transformation and igniting massive potential
  • Demonstration of Shamanic Soul face reading for transformation
  • Marian's own shift from Chinese Medicine to Soul Seer & Modern Shaman
  • How shamanic work can support success in your life and for your business
  • Shamanic journey with drumming to release fear patterns and free yourself 

Live Event Zürich 

I had the honour to lead 30 female entrepreneurs on a Shamanic Journey.

During this journey, they were invited to face their fears and what was holding them back in their business. Afterwards they felt freer and had received the insights they needed to move forward. 

Everyone who takes part in a journey can connect to the spirit world. Led by Marian your Business Shaman, you and your audience will feel safe and open to receving this guidance and transformation.  

Ignite Zürich

Marian took her audience on a journey into the land of Soul Face Reading. This is an ancient, Daoist alchemical tradition and a swift, unique gateway to opening up for transformation. In this clip, you'll see Marian explaining and giving a demonstration.    

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Marian Nielsen Joos

“I’m a sceptical person and not spiritual at all but I had a very important revelation during a shamanic drumming session conducted by Marian Nielsen Joos recently. I had prepared to do an ordinary meditation but was not really sure how this thing works. The drumming really sets the mind in a focused meditative state and I had a revelation that totally changed an area of my life that had been neglected. I was able to face my fear and move past it in the following weeks. Truly transforming!”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“Marian led a group of engaged, sensitive, high-achieving female entrepreneurs through a process of releasing fears and ultimately opening up to opportunities & breakthroughs.

It was my first Shamanic Drum experience and I was struck by Marian’s sense of calm, control and sensitivity to those around her as she worked the room, guided by her intuition and experience. You could have heard a pin drop as she softly guided us along, inviting us to follow the natural rhythm of her drum. I was struck by how one of the oldest methods of healing in the world could have such a profound effect on our modern life - and environment.”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“Marian spoke directly to my heart and through her guidance, I was able to reconnect with myself in a way I haven't done in a long time. Thank you Marian for doing this important work.”

Denmark ️

Women's Lunch Lectures with Daniela Rupp at the Rothenburg TCM Congress organised by Marian Nielsen Joos




Theme Day Self Cultivation with Daniela Rupp at the Rothenburg TCM Congress in Germany 



Theme Day Self Cultivation with Hans Erik Foldberg at the Rothenburg TCM Germany 




Speaking event in the Swiss Alps with Marian and Angela Heck based on The Power of the Heart by Baptist de Pape. Organized by Marian Nielsen Joos.



Day of Health in Ilanz with Katharina Bogner and Regina Casanova, founded and organized by Marian Nielsen Joos.




Day of Health in Ilanz Switzerland with Petra Schirra, Daniela Rupp, Pirmina Caminada, Regina Casanova and Marian Nielsen Joos also as organizer.



Theme Day Self Cultivation with Hans Erik Foldberg, Christine Li, Peter Firebrace, Deirdre Courtney Lillian Pearl Bridges and Marian Nielsen Joos at the Rothenburg TCM Congress, organized by Marian.



“We are all Shamans when we listen to our hearts and break free”


Marian, Soul Seer & Modern Shaman