An Extraordinary Gift

Marian Nielsen Joos

"What is it you do, Marian?"

I get asked this question so often. It can be hard for me to put in to words exactly what it is that I do as a soul seer and shaman.

Did you wonder too?

I've asked my lovely friend and client, Maria, to help explain this one for you. Often, it's so much easier to hear about it from someone else's perspective.

Maria is an expert in the field of Ayur Veda, the ancient traditional medicine of India and a pioneer of an entrepreneur, her pioneer nose has even grown stronger over the time we have worked together. She is gifted with a brilliant mind, just take a look at her great forehead, Maria is definitely working in alignment with her talents. I can say so, a luckily woman in life and in business, and ready to transform for her personal growth journey!

Let Maria tell you...

Is your soul crying out to be heard? To be seen? Can you feel it?  

Do you crave to feel "aligned" again?  

What is YOUR next right step?

Maria also answered the following two questions about the benefits from working with me and how I support my clients:

How do you feel after you have had a session with Marian inside your sacred space? 

I feel calm and nourished, 
deeply connected with myself, 
feeling peaceful. 

How is it different working with a Soul Seer and Shaman? 

It's very different! 
It's working from the heart, and through the heart, 
to speak unspeakable, 
and to have a deep feeling of being heard and seen on a soul level. 

As your Soul Seer and Modern Shaman, I'm here to help you bring around the transformations your soul is waiting for. Right now, your soul already knows, but do you?

Would you like to have a chat to find out more? 

Drop me a message!

Sweet smiles to you,



Let's connect over on Instagram my friend.


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