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There are repeatedly turning points in our lives.  Some very small ones, and others the big life changing ones!

Which turning points are going to happen for you now this year?

Which ones will you make sure happen because you take action, and which ones are you ready to embrace when they happen?

So much has happened these last years for us all around the world. We can now turn what has happened into making empowering changes in our own lives and in the lives of others.

I feel this huge turning point deep within myself and I feel that I finally can do this: 

"Letting go of what I thought I was meant to do, and allowing that which I am meant to do!"

Can you feel this too? Do you know what I am talking about...!?

How are you dealing with the turning points of your life right now? 

Both the self-made ones and the ones happening for you... not to you?

Please comment below and let me know if this feels powerful for you, too, right now.

With all my heart, I know how important it is to allow the changes, embrace the turning points, so you can feel empowered and not disempowered.

How would you otherwise live your soul purpose, fulfil your potential and feel the alignment in your life?

Let this help you make a turning point...

My dear friend Eva-Marie and I are supporting people making turning points in their lives as they go on this healing journey with us to embrace more fully their own truth as they start to deeply understand who they are as they learn about themselves through face reading.

All that is happening in your face is a reflection of who you are, how life has treated you and how life has marked you! Marked you, like the rings of a tree, where the rings telling us have the tree has lived and how the seasons have treated it.

We are inviting you to make a turning point too!

The invitation is to be part of our next 4 weeks online and do the deep inner-work for transformation to happen, allowing healing and embrace the turning point!

“This course was a wakeup call for me, it was a great course. Thanks to both of you and a big hug.”

- Anonymous Woman, Sweden

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Sweet smiles to you,



Tell me if you need my support to go through your transformational shift, so that things really can come true for you too, that which you deeply dream about and these desires from your HEART and SOUL, not the one's from your ego mind, but the one's that really are linked to your life purpose and destiny!

Allow me to see you, fully see you all the way to your SOUL and let us together make sure you have your alignment from the inside out!

If you'd like to get in contact with me just hit reply to this email and we can set up a 15 min free discovery call and when you allow me to show you that magical things can happen - even in a 15 min in a heart to heart connection inside a sacred space 🙏

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