DETOX! Yes or no?

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I sooo need this DETOX in my life right now - And here's WHY!

I will tell you WHY and open my heart to speak the truth about WHY.

As well as how surprised I was about how much I needed this DETOX and what it did and is doing for me right now as I am writing to you.

I was not satisfied with my situation!

Over the last year or so I had put on weight and pre-menopause was taking over my life!

I had started to buy pants a number bigger or with stretch... But man I was missing my own clothes.

1.5 years ago I had my Gyno check and she told me that my menopause was kicking in.

I had worked with many female clients over the years in that situation in my clinic of Chinese medicine.

BUT it did not fully occur to me that it was happening to myself and the weight gain was part of that.

Plus the even stronger craving for the delicious Swiss Chocolate and I have a sweet tooth already!

This situation was not making me happy and I was less in flow with myself, my life and my calling.

How blind we can get, and how stuck we can get - which is not a good situation.

DETOX for change YES OR NO!

Yes to DETOX and this was not the first time I went through a delightful DETOX!

We did it as a family in 2016, yes the whole family with the kids.

It was a great process and I learned so much about healthy lifestyle and about myself.

Now I needed it again and my beautiful health coach from Denmark, Anette was offering DETOXING!

It was really easy to say YES and I knew at once that I wanted a DETOX round again.

10 days DETOX with only taking in fluids like smoothies, fresh juices and soups!

Plus taking supplements to fill up the deposits and get back to balance.

It's been delightful and I feel great in my body again, still following the healthy "rules" and loving it.

The extra kg are almost off and I am back in most of my clothes that I looooove.

Even this suit that I wore 20 years ago to my husband's 30th birthday and in a few days he will turn 50 years old.

So things can change and you are the master of taking the spoon in the other hand as we would say in danish!

Tell me what do YOU want to change in your life right now?

What do you want to DETOX from?

On which level do you need detoxing?

Allow me to hold sacred space for you as you call back lost soul parts and be whole again, and feel whole again so that you are in balance.

This is also detoxing from what is holding you in an unbalanced state of life... cut the cords to what is not serving you any more!

Break free from unhealthy patterns so you can feel freedom and there will be flow and abundance in your life and business.

Sweet smiles to you,



Tell me if you need my support to go through your transformational shift, so that things really can come true for you too, that which you deeply dream about and these desires from your HEART and SOUL, not the one's from your ego mind, but the one's that really are linked to your life purpose and destiny!

Allow me to see you, fully see you all the way to your SOUL and let us together make sure you have your alignment from the inside out!

If you'd like to get in contact with me just hit reply to this email and we can set up a 15 min free discovery call and when you allow me to show you that magical things can happen - even in a 15 min in a heart to heart connection inside a sacred space 🙏

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