Marian what can you do for me?

Marian what can you do for me  (2)

Let me answer that question for you.

A few years ago I was asked what I do.

And this was my answer:

“I support people transforming their darkness into love and light”

The person I was talking to, looked at me like I was crazy.

‘What does that mean in tangible terms?’

And here’s the thing. For me, this is so clear.


What about you? Is this clear for you too?


If it’s not clear for you, let me share this:

“It is like the Dao, when you want to explain what the Dao is, it is no longer the Dao”

It has to be understood at another level of awareness.

Thankfully, the Dao is also a path.

As you walk your path, it unfolds as you take your next step.

The path itself helps you gain clarity.


The Dao is your pathway to Wisdom

“Dao is the natural order of the universe whose character one's human intuition must discern in order to realize the potential for individual wisdom. This intuitive knowing of "life" cannot be grasped as a concept; it is known through actual living experience of one's everyday being.”

This means you understand turning darkness into love and light, if you have already discovered how this works in your own life.

AND it also means, that you can discover what this means for you by following your own path to clarity.

By trusting your next step and taking it.

In my next email I’ll be explaining about energies and our feelings.

PS I’m able to work with two people personally "one-2-one" at the moment, while I’m writing my book.

Simply PM me and we can set up an introduction call.


MAYBE right now is the time for you to transform your darkness into some more love and light!

To transform your stories and let deep healing happen both for you personally and for your business!

Sweet smiles from the Swiss Alps

Marian, Your Business Shaman
Shamanic Healer and Soul Mentor





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