Who is Marian Nielsen Joos, the Business Shaman?

 Healing is in my blood. As a child in Northern Denmark, growing up near the sea, I learned to watch, listen and observe what was going on around me. I realised that often what we say and do is not what we feel inside. There is a gap. That fascinated me.

When I was 25, on my mother's deathbed, during a very dark time in my life, I suddenly saw what a healer could do. This set me off on my 15-year path working with Chinese medicine, where I healed many thousands of clients in my private clinic. Now living in the Swiss Alps with my own family, I kept seeing the same gap again and again: between what people feel and what people say and do. By now I also understood that you need to feel successful, as well as be successful! 

Over time, I started to understand the nature of the gap and I came across Shamanism for the first time. Here I found a way to lead my clients towards more health, happiness and success. The core of the gap is at your Soul level. Heal that and the gap can heal too.  

I was immediately hooked!

So, that's how I took a conscious choice to listen to my own Soul calling and become the Business Shaman. I stepped into a sacred space and learned how to journey for myself and guide others. Now I follow the beat of my own drum: I serve others, share my message and hold space for magical transformations. That creates impact worldwide!

Transforming darkness into love and light! 

That doesn't mean my own journey has always been smooth and it doesn't mean I never had any doubts. I was full of them and I had some very dark nights of the Soul too! But when you know, deep in your heart and Soul, what you need to do in the world, like I did, the support you need to get there finds you. 

Discover your greatness, become your greatness and shine your light in the world!   

Sweet smiles from the Swiss Alps - Marian, Your Business Shaman


"Marian is here to support people birth their SOUL , so they can follow their North Star" Mirjam van der Zee, The Moon Lady 






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