Overcoming something you never thought was possible!



One of the wonderful things about writing a book is the way you start to look at your life and see its patterns. You take a little step back from the everyday hurry and see things you wouldn’t always notice.

A beautiful inner journey in many ways and also a way to look into your own darkness! (More about that later…)

One of the things I’ve noticed is my son. His behaviour has been a challenge to us recently. We didn’t understand his reactions and we didn’t know how to influence him.

And the worst thing of all was his frustration and feeling we couldn’t reach him.

Turns out he needed testing for dyslexia and we starting to understand things now!

Suddenly thoughts and feelings from my childhood and youth, coming to terms with my dyslexia, come pouring back.

The frustration of having to do everything differently from everyone else. Not being able to follow a system. The shame that occurs. Not feeling good enough. The unkind comments. The sad situations. The fears of standing out in a less positive way. It all leaves scars.

Maybe you can feel your scars reading this today? Some may be healed already and some still need healing!

I’m grateful I have been able to develop skills and abilities that aren’t just about reading and writing.

There’s no degree needed to become a business shaman (just a whole load of life experiences and deep intuitive skills).
It’s not an easy chosen path…! I believe it chooses you more then the other way around.

Well as for the dyslexia I learned to find alternative ways to do things and I really know what it felt like as a child to be so frustrated.
And now I’m watching my son get through the same.

Life coming full circle!

Though here am I writing my book (I’m dictating it), totally overcoming my own limiting beliefs about writing and
fulfilling my dream of becoming an author. This is the path my heart is taking me on, my Heart Way.

Your Heart Way means listening to your inner voice when making a decision about life.

I wish nothing less for my son or for you.

Finding your Heart Way around things… it might be the hard way at first, but you can change things around with the right support and it becomes a Heart Way.

We all have scars and sometimes it is only with or through our kids that we really see them. And it is exactly those scars, which teach us so much.

They make us stronger and help us find our own unique way of doing things.

Following your Heat Way to Success is an invitation to think out of the box and
create wonderful, unimagined possibilities.

And it will work for you too!

Life can be so hard and so beautiful at the same time……


Sweet smiles from the Swiss Alps

Marian, Your Business Shaman
Shamanic Healer and Soul Mentor







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