Morning yoga just next to the beach

Yoga at the beach - how better can one start the day.


Yes, we all had a good night sleep and could open our eyes to a beuatiful clear sunny sky. The sweeties still in bed reading the pixi books we brought with us from home and I could step outside next to the pool and meditate, which I have not done for a long time. There was also a time for Kidney Breathing Qi Gong.  Then the inner calling was to do yoga this morning on the beach by the nice yoga place "Power of Now Oasis" here in Sanur.I am so very surprised and pleased with the yoga community there are here on Bali and I did know a bit about it as Thomas's cousin Bettina, did a yoga retreat here not long ago and she told us about her experience. It really feels like a yoga island if you want it to be as you find many great places for yoga.


This morning was so nice being close to the beach and being able to do 1,5 hour of yoga taught by Lan. Having the body twisted and turned as one let the mind be open and the heart fills up with peace and joy. Could I end the yoga session feeling happy at heart. All along Thomas and the children could have a morning swim in the sea just next to the studio.

Tomorrow at the "Power of Now Qasis" they have Yoga for Kids at 16.00 so we will join them again as Zoey all ready this morning said that she wanted to do yoga to together with me. This will be great fun as we will all 4 do yoga together - this might be a great thing and I should talk with Katharina at home if she could organized that too in Ilanz, as if we will turn in to a yoga family.

Happy yoga kids makes happy yoga parent ;-)


For sure I will go for yoga here again or to the other place here in town, which I also will write a blog about as they serve fantastic organic food and we had a lovely lunch at that place yesterday.

There are so many great place here in Sanur and you really feel at home at once. Over and over again it goes through my mind "could I live here?" I could certainly stay here for quiet a long time as for more month.... Well maybe that should go into my 5 years plan! You never know what life brings you of gifts or ideas as to take a year out of the calendar and do a yoga year and a Bali shamanic tradition education!

Happy yoga sweet smiles and greetings to you all around the world.....!

The website of this great yoga place here in Sanur "Power of Now Oasis":


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