"Normal" or "Crazy"!!!

So what are you "Normal" or "Crazy"!!

I know what I want to be in 2016......

I, of cause, want to be "Crazy" and wild – wild enough to jump not only into our New Year of 2016 but wild enough to jump out of my comfort zone.

To be authentic and being me my "Heart Marian", who I am, and not who I should be or shall be or are mend to be! 

Walk my talk and walk the line – I would want to invite you all with me on my ride to whom I really in my Heart want to be as a person, as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, as a sister, as a girlfriend, as a practitioner of Chinese Healing Art and as a Shaman! 

You can join or not, you can make your own journey and we can walk side by side down to find our true self in our Heart, the Heart of wisdom and Heart of consciousness – the Heart Way.

The Heart way or the Hard Way – I truly believe each one of us has a saying if we want it the Heart Way or Hard Way!!
Do you see the glass half full or half empty?

I might often see the glass half empty or focus on what I don’t have as opposite to what I have! I find it bloody hard at times with 3 kids in the ages of 6, 4 and 1 year old but – the big BUT on what do I focus on Family Fun or “training” my kids!! 

My dear husband, Thomas and I, have taken a decision to upgrade our family life to Healthy Lifestyle and living by the Heart and in our Hearts for 2016. 

I don’t feel like shouting any more after my dear kids and turning off the Divine Light inside them or my self for that matter – I own my self and them to be in my Heart and live the roles of the Heart. 

Meaning kids don’t do what you say but do what you do..! 

So if I can be more and more in my Heart so can they! And there will step by step be more harmony in our lives! 
I truly hope so and that is what I have set my sails for on the sea of love! 

Love towards my self, my family, my surroundings and my small steps here on earth that I am allowed to take right now and right here!

Happy New Year to you all and your steps towards what it is that is of a Heart felt meaning to you in your life at this very moment.

Sweet smiles
Marian on a mission 



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