Jumping into life - is what it's all about!

That I did on New Years Eve to make 2016 “my best year yet” and here is parts of the journey towards Upgrade to Healthy Lifestyle, Living the Heart Way and my motto: “The Heart at Stillness and everything around moves”.



Ready to:
  •  Truly say goodbye to bad old habits of mine.

  •  Stop being disconnected from my Heart.

  •  Absolutely letting go of feeling inferiority.

  •  Having enough of the stress at home with kids.

  •  Much less of doing work the “hard” way.

  •  Half good is not good enough any longer.

  •  Beating my self up for not being the perfect mother.


All in all ready to walk the talk and not looking back any more, stop thinking about, if I can do this and what does others think of me!
The change was needed and that is it!

Time to change and take the spoon in the other hand.

We are our own “smith of happiness” as we so often say in Denmark.

Maybe that is why the Danes are the happiest people on earth. We try to live in alignment with this old expression.  

Now almost 9 month later I am ready to give birth to “new me”, letting my self unfold into a beautiful flower from within.

We can’t become some thing we already are!

We must personally spread out our wings and start to fly!

I truly believe, that we are all this amazing diamond, we might just need a bit of rubbing so we can start to shine.

I truly trust, that the universe is here to support us all on our life path.

Jumping into life without knowing if the safety net will hold or not, shall we be too afraid of taking the step!

It is time to take a leap of faith!


This step might lead to the biggest happiness in ones life!

There is no return, the seed has started to grow and will continue to grow!

Some would say it is too scary to jump, but I will say, it is too scary to stay at the same spot!

I have been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 12 years and I know about health on many levels, I could just not stand it any longer, eating not really healthy.


So the big jump into my best year yet at New Years Eve, was due to I had just finished a round of “my best year yet” online workshop by Sigrun, business coach and lifestyle entrepreneur.

That really got something started for me, being ready for the next step and I worked with visions boards, writing birthday speech to my self being 90 years old from the view point of my kids, as to where I would by then and the impact I would have had.

That was all a bit overwhelming, but I was hooked and wanted this new year to be even better!


So today almost everything on my vision board has unfolded, been created or is a reflection of my state of mind. All by stepping up for that I want and need in my life!
But one must recognise one’s needs at first before changes are possible right!

Getting conscious about even the small stuff is the first step towards change!

Don’t think of what you don’t want but of what you do want!


Therefor on the 9th of January my dear family, our Danish au-pair and I jumped into life and worked hard for changing our old food patterns.

We did it and we really now are living a much healthier life with health lifestyle.

For this we hired a nutrition coach from Denmark to support us to step up for all of this.

It feels so good to step up and to be able to look back at all those small steps we have done along the way for a bigger change to happen.

That was one big step of letting go of old bad habits!

So I can truly recommend you to step up and step out of your comfort zone.
As they say: life begins at the end of your comfort zone!


The Heart Way.

Are in deep focus and the turning point of my whole journey.

Learning to connect to my Heart, my intuition, my inner voice all of that which is in connection with my soul.

It takes a big lesson to learn and keeping up the momentum for wanting the Heart connection.

It is something I still make a big effort in doing daily as the routine is the gold key for change.

Hands on my Heart I can honestly say that I am today much more connected to my Heart, which means I am more centred than before and more of the stillness had entered my life.


Having this connection grown and unfold has help a lot of the other stuff too that I wanted to have changed.

My self worth, more capable of handling the stress at home with my kids, life all in all is less hard, I feel better about being imperfect and that is perfect.

The glass now is really much more half full than half empty!

I am walking my path toward more Light and less darkness.

So being inspired to write this blog today after reading these lines from the dear Neale Donald Walsch: “I believe God wants you to know….

….that there are no guarantees in life….except that all things happen
for God’s best reason.

If you need to know in advance that everything will “work out” before you jump in, you’ll never jump into anything.

Yet “jumping in” is life’s greatest excitement, its grandest adventure. Don’t deny yourself that. Just go for it. Trust that Life will bring you benefit no matter what happens.  

You have a change to follow and be inspired by our Upgrade to Healthy Lifestyle for the whole family under my Instagram account under my full name: Marian Nielsen Joos!  

Here is the link to my business coach Sigrun’s “Your best year yet”:



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