The longest joureny from your Head to your Heart!

You know the feeling of being on a rollercoaster-ride in life and the only thing you can do is holding on as it shakes you from the inside out!

Have I been on a journey like that these last few weeks.... maybe you have too!

It all started with me tipping over a cup of tea and the liquid slowly spread it self all over the table and directly into my laptop! SHOCK - not good!

And the next day my dear laptop was just all black and showed not sign of life anymore - have you ever tried that and the feelings that goes along with it.

Well for me it was the first time and I was sacred, if all the information would survive inside, as I did not have a backup from the last few weeks as my system for back up is full and it needs to be fixed - SO HERE WAS A SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE!

At once I let all go of as much as possible in everyday life, especially my online work and went for the STILLNESS to do the journey out of my head to my heart... as I was Oops once again way to much up in my head, which means the fear and confusion had taken over.

For that reason, I knew it was time for INNER TRANSFORMATION!

It is mindblowing how much transformation and healing that can happen in a few weeks when you really are in need of it and you are willing to see the signs and allowing to "let go" let go of controle plus embracing the stillness and healing!
I did RITUALS and received SHAMANIC HEALING for transformation - letting go of the old (fear) and embracing the new (lightness)!

Now I feel ready to unfold again, breath, trust and take that BIG LEAP as the lightness has returned and I am reconnected with me heart the gateway to my soul and to follow my path of the Shaman for the community! And as my dear Shamanic Teacher Daniela once told me "The path of the Shaman is the Path of the Heart"!

Maybe you are in need of INNER TRANSFORMATION AND HEALING right now and as this is a very special "month" for me from the 21st of November, my little daughter Malou's birthday, she just turned 4 years old and my own birthday is on the 21st of December where I turn 45 years old.

I would like to serve you a birthday offer as "The Shen Soul always seeks harmony"!  I am here for you as your Shamanic Healer for life and for your biz.


Open the door for your Inner Transformation and Healing and allow me to guide you, be your Shaman, on your path to deep personal growth and a need mindset shift that you know you are longing for in your life right now!

It will be my divine pleasure to walk beside you as we embark on your soul journey together.  Contact me through my website:


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