Marie Kondo is right about this one thing

The first thing I'm going to do when my kids' holiday has started?

Declutter the rest of the stuff that I brought home from my clinic.

You know papers and little things I wasn't sure if I should keep.

It's time to completely get rid of what I don't need anymore.

I'm sure you know the feeling.


 What do you want to delutter this summer?

What belongs to the past and has no value to you anymore?

It makes no sense to hang onto stuff, things, mindset patterns or even old hurts.

Turns out, there's no better time to let go than now!


Let me tell you Friend

Because life is fragile.

It can all change in the blink of an eye.

This is something I've learned from these last months.

We all had to adjust in no time and we did it....

You see, there were patterns we all let go of at once, when we were asked to do so.

So, I'm sure that after all that, right now, is the ideal time to declutter.

To find out what's really important and what isn't....

Get rid of the stuff that doesn't count.

So now I can let go, I know this is a time of new beginnings for us all.


Are you decluttering in your life to allow for new beginnings?

Stepping further into your desire to discover yourself even more deeply?

Either in your business or life (or both, because they go together)

Ready to awaken further to your potential?

About to take a big leap and feeling wobbly?

Maybe you need support in this process.

Maybe you even need a sacred space for making a transformational shift.


If you do, get in touch.

I can be here for you, your keeper of the fire.

So we can call upon the Great Spirit for deep, empowering insights

and life-changing transformation.


During the summer I'll be taking time to be with my family.

In Switzerland and at home in Denmark.

In the Alps, in the magical forest and at the seaside.

So I will only have space for 2 clients needing guidance from a divination shaman.

To support you stepping into your power, birthing an idea or simply guiding you home.


Declutter now so you can journey to clarity and invite in more freedom

That's freedom in the deepest sense of the word for you.

And find your alignment to create success on your terms.


I will be enjoying time with my husband and my kids.

I love seeing the kids all summer-sunshine-happy-at-heart!

And I wish you and your family all that too.


Happy kids really enjoying summer, sun and fun.

Here is Sean, a few years younger, but still this boy that loved fun!

I really wish you the best summer time with your loved ones too.


Much love and success

Marian, Your Business Shaman



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