The Heart.



"Follow that lightness in your Heart and that will eventually lead you to a life of purpose, some of the biggest questions of the Heart, we follow as a path and not as a question". From the film "The Power of the Heart" with people like Paulo Coelho, Maya Angelou, Eckhart Tolle, Isabel Allende and Mark Nepo. 

This film made my day, up lifted my spirit, connected me with my heart and made me think about my own purpose here in life. At this moment I for sure know that I am a Mother with a big M as I now have 3 children and the youngest is only 4 months old. What else I am - what else is my Heart telling me, what may I hear if I get quiet enough to be able to listen?

So shut up Marian and listen!!

I know in my Heart that being a Mother will help me see my self because your children do not let you go the easy way - they want you to be there, in the now, completely present and openhearted. Otherwise, they will show you a mirrow that I am sure you will not like - that is certainly what my children do to me. It is not easy at times, but I do my best and hope to grow in this connection and relationship.

What else am I - what es is my Heart telling me?

Over and over agian, it is telling me to share what is iside me, what makes me totally fiery and full of joy. Like when the Shen is sparkling in my eyes and the biggest smile is on my lips because I just can't stop being passionate about what inspires me deeply. Really do what I find makes me happy, be happy at heart, and not think about the outcome of what I do.

So that is why I am in the middle of creating my own website in my name and I have an urge to kick off by using my blog more often just to share all that is sparking inside me like the fine sweet bubbles in an exquisite glass of champagne. The bubbles are so full of life and fun as they come into the glass making the glass look as pretty as ever, now that it contains this golden tasteful liquid. Of cause, the glass on its own is just an empty container but with the golden champagne inside it, there is magic in the air.

A keyword for me on my path is to share what inspires me and to inform what is in my heart. Just like my congresses have reflected - that Scandinavian TCM Congresses in Denmark, the sharing from the wonderful experts. Their knowledge, wisdom and personal stories all of which make them whom they are, like we all are a reflection of the path we have walked allready. Are we walking our Golden Path - the path we are meant to be on for supporting the healing of the world!!

Mark Nepo in the above mention film makes a truthful statement: " The longest journey can be the one from our mind to our heart"...! 

But I want to do my best in making that journey the best one in my life and enjoy every step of it, and the often used line often can follow it. "It is the journey that is important and not the goal".

I am looking forward to sharing the intense path of my life with you all, sharing all that lights my fire, and I want to "walk the talk" so it will for sure not be boring or grey, but colourfull and exciting as I find the first 10 things to write about and share. It is clear to me that sharing and cultivation are some of the core values in my life. I have learned that by sharing, you cultivate yourself and by learning from the experience of each other, you develop yourself and creat a platform for healing!

As Heiner Fruehauf's states it: "All diseases come the heart" I want to write the following "All healing comes the Heart". It goes hand in hand and the Shen always seeks harmony, so wake up and follow your Golden Path! I will for sure do my best and as you often know: "you get what you need and not what you want". 

I have so many thoughts that I want to share with you all. But every journey begins with the first step, and the following are some of the topics that I plan to write about in the next months.

- My shamanic home birth. - The first steps into the world of shamanism. - Face reading - my Golden Path. - Rothenburg ala 2015. - When the practitioner get a diseased. - Love for healthiness. - My Danish inspiring food experts. - Anger and sadness.


Just stay tuned for more blogs - and sign up for my newsletter - and everything will be revealed in due time.


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