Yes dreams do come true and so can yours!



How many of us can look back on our life and see that many of our dreams did come true.

It started out to be maybe just a feeling, then this feeling transformed into a thought and that thought unfolded into a dream.

Though dreams can stay dreams forever, but if we along the way dare to take action upon our dreams, they can turn into pure reality and magical adventures.

Some times something we never thought could come true and then it does. How beautiful is that and how heart opening is that. To see the wildest dreams come true!

Which ones of your many dreams have come true this year?

Some things that did come true for me this year, is that my dear husband Thomas and I could buy our long wanted dream holiday house in Denmark, where I come from.

I had actually given up on this old dream of ever having our Danish summer home in this little magical town, where I have lived since I was 5 years old.

At this age my parents bought this cosy little guesthouse in Slettestrand, this incredible place on the west cost of Jutland in Denmark. It is at the windy deep blue seaside and surrounded by an enchanting forest.


Never give upon dreams.

My sweet husband never really gave upon our dream and when the time was right, the right house became an opportunity. This dream had started over 10 years ago.

I also almost can’t believe it as this house, our Danish home in my hometown, is just next door to the place my father lives now, since he stopped having his hotel a few years ago.

So that makes us neighbours with my dear father in Denmark, when we are there on holiday. That is a beautiful gesture as we have our daily life here in the Swiss Alps and we can’t just run together for a Sunday dinner.

But we can have quality time together during the holidays we spent in Slettestrand by the seaside and our kids can connect intensely with their grandfather during this time.


The universe is supporting us all.

It warms my heart that dreams like this really can come true, even when you almost have given up on them but magic can happen and the universe is supporting us all.

So when the time is right and you dare to take action upon your dreams, you will receive a gift from life. You will be able to see this even in your life, that dreams can turn into reality.

For us as a family it is a wonderful blessing that we are able to have this second home in my hometown, a place that connects us to my roots, the Danish part of our family.

So never give up on your dreams even the wildest ones and keep on dreaming as one day they might come true, when your are ready to take action, at the right moment.


Vision boards key to dreams come true.

I can only recommend you to do a vision board to crystallize out your dreams in visions. That gives the universe a chance to support your dreams.

The universe, the Divine, what ever you name it is always listening and ready to support your dreams.

My vision board done in October last year has our house manifested on it and it is first now that I can see the vision of our summer home on the board, so I had my dream on it and it came true!

Next thing that will also come true this year for me, which also is on my vision board, is a short trip to New York City for my husband and I, jubiiii again a dream come true.

When I did my vision board I found a line in a magazine saying New York City. But at that time, when I did my board, I did not have in mind at all, that we would have a chance of going to New York City this following year.

Love, I had just fallen in love with this city 8 years ago, when I was there the first time with my dear friend Trine and that city just had to be on my vision board!

Of cause I knew, that I was given this trip as a present by my husband for my 40 birthday, a NYC trip, but from having a though, then a dream and now the tickets are booked.


Big believer in miracles.
There are small miracles that must happen for a bigger dream to come true and I am a big believer in miracles!
I for sure will keep on having dreams and making vision boards to have magical things happen in my life.
Plus I can honestly tell you it is first since last year that I started to work with vision boards and now I also use it in my clinic of Chinese Medicine and transformation therapy with my patients!  
Let the universe have the opportunity to support your dreams by manifesting out your deepest inner desires on that vision board of yours!

Magical dream box and gifts for life.

I know what I have in my magical dream box!

Do you and are you ready to dream out load for things to happen?

So YES to dreams do come true and so they can for you in our everyday simple life!

I uttermost wish you good luck, so dream big, take action and let magical moments serve you. So your dreams can turn into gifts for life that you will never forget!

Sweet smiles and sweet dreams


“Vision boards are based on the Law of Attraction. The idea that your mode of thinking directly affects what the universe gives you. If you put positive mental energy into the universe, you’ll be the recipient of positive outcomes.”
Neil Farber M.D, Ph.D.

From his article in Psychology Today “The Key to Achieve”


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