Soul Healing the Heart Way!



Healing for the Soul as to thrive in life and the emotions can at last calm down, for you to get deeply connected to your Heart and healing can happen.

You simply know in your heart that a shift is needed in your life, your might be afriad to make the changes that are needed yourself, but then life happens and from outisde your are pushed into making the shift that are needed.

I am today on the path of shamanism, which means that I in my own life needed deep soul healing, which was linked to the death of my mother and many other life circumstances.

Shamanic healing work is about connection to the spirit world for messages, healing and soul retrieval. The GREAT SPIRIT we are all connected to and we are all offered support here for our journey in life.

If you are ready for and feel the need for a deep healing you are welcome to join me tonight for my very first live online Soul Healing Webinar 8:00-8:30 CET. It is my great pleasure to support you on your healing journey.



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