The Empowering Shift....



There are so many things during a transition which confuse us and makes us feel unworthy or even... powerless.

It’s like being in a big storm, riding the largest waves of our lives, yet somehow we are standing on the sidelines watching and feeling helpless.

"Why is this all happening to me?" we ask ourselves... and boy do we get an answer!

You might be in the midst of a transition right now, big or small - so what are you doing to help yourself?

Let me offer you my support in the form of the perfect webinar at the perfect time for you, you can enroll now for FREE:

“Your Empowering Shift”

Your Heart is calling out to you!

Make an empowering shift right now, in the middle of the storm, as you choose to listen to your Heart.

Just like in a thunderstorm, there is always “The Eye of the Storm” and yet inside it, it is quiet. Even the biggest storms have a silent center and as for you, in your transforming life, there is a place of calm.

YOUR HEART – listen to your heart... it has a message for you – are you ready to listen? 

It will be joyful if you join me on Thursday 30th of August at 8:30 pm – 9:15 pm CET where you will learn to shift from your heavy, negative thinking to light-at-heart and empowered state of mind.

You can register for the FREE webinar here:

I had just turned 40 and on the outside, it looked like I "had it all" - a great husband, two lovely kids and a great job. But I was not living my Heart’s Desire and I was definitely not aligned with my Soul Purpose.

One day, I re-read the birthday card my dearest Aunt Ninna had sent me… about having everything but not being truly happy… and this was the start of my journey from my Head to my Heart - for living a life that is happening FOR me and not TO me.

My family and I went on a 6-week journey to Bali and suddenly things started to change… the door to my Heart had opened and my inner-healing journey had begun. I realized I was getting over one mountain only to reach the next and at times it was extremely challenging!

It starts with being in complete blindness, trusting, not knowing and in… surrendering. Surrender is what will lead you to the empowering shift that you crave and that is possible for us all.

Even you. Making “Heart Desire” decisions as you deeply listen to your Inner Voice takes you out of your comfort zone BIG TIME, but trust me, it’s better to do something fearful than to stay stuck in that which is only half-good and serves you way too little in your life.

Sweet Smiles


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