Abundant Business Flow Summit recordings

Recordings of Conscious Business Summit 17-19 November 2019: Abundant Business Flow. Heart-to-heart conversations between Marian Nielsen Joos and 9 international experts, leaders and entrepreneurs:

Elena Herdieckerhoff, Consciousness Coach, "Tapping into love consciousness for more business abundance"

Helen Maffini, Director of MindBe Education and MindBe Business, "Stop the struggle and get into your FLOW"

Pia Nissen Tylak, Shamanic Spiritual Teacher, "Extraordinary inspiration"

Merilyn Wilson Beretta, Personal Leadership Advisor, "Extraordinary inspiration"

Renate Schmidt, Business Psychologist & Shaman, "Extraordinary inspiration

Taz Thornton, Speaker, Motivator & Visibility Coach, "Unleash your awesome" 

Marian Nielsen Joos, Your Business Shaman,  "Discover your soul purpose, unleash your life calling and create more impact"

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain,  Brave Branding Queen and Business Soul Whisperer, "Find the dream client attraction factor within"

Chérine Kurdi,  Women’s Leadership Expert, "Trust who you are and your way of doing things"