To all my beloved teachers, masters, family and friends,  I will be forever deeply grateful for all your teachings and support and for the Divine Spiritual Connection that I have learned from you all. I am honoured to be one of your students. I will share your teachings with my whole heart and soul.

Marian, Your Business Shaman

Journey to clarity, alignment and success


My beloved family:
Sean, Zoey, Malou and Thomas, Switzerland ​

You are my greatest teachers of all. I have chosen to be on this life journey with you, with all that life gifts us. Each one of you is a very special soul connection. I love you to pieces, all the way to the moon and back. Together we are learning about unconditional LOVE and success in life. 

Lillian Pearl Bridges, Master Face Reader and Daoist Wisdom Alchemist, USA

It is my divine honour to walk in the foot-steps of your Chinese family lineage. I am so thankful for all your teachings since 2001 about Face Reading, Daoist Wisdom and Transforming Alchemy.

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Shaman Daniela Rupp.jpg

Daniela Rupp, Shamanic Practitioner and the Way of the Shaman, Switzerland

What a profound healing insight for me to learn about the Spirit World and connection to the Great Spirit. You have brought me home to the Way of the Shaman; the Way of the Heart. ​

Pia Tylak Nissen, Transformational Spiritual teacher and Spirit Guide, Denmark

I am immeasurably grateful for your transformational support. You guided me on my journey from my head to my Heart, so I could further open up my spirit connection to angels and spirit guides. You constantly open my eyes to a bigger vision than I could dare dream of myself!

Hamid photo.jpg

Hamid Montakab, M.D. and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Switzerland ​

You have deeply cultivated me with your profound teachings about Chinese Medicine and Chinese Wisdom, the Healing Art. I will always carry in my heart all the inspiring Sunday preachings and your teachings. These have been my doorway into the world of spiritual healing.​

Mike Robinson, Spiritual Teacher and International Speaker, UK

I am forever grateful for your many years of personal support and healing for my body, mind and spirit. It has been a great gift. I honour your wisdom “Speak the Truth and it will set you FREE” and “We have come here to learn to LOVE”.


“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

An old Theosophical statement