Hejsa, I'm Marian your Business Shaman.

I guide female entrepreneurs and business owners on their Soul path. 

Let me take you on a magical inner journey to clarity, alignment and success.

Experience a life-changing, transformational shift in your life and business. 

  • Deepen your inner knowing and intuition
  • Clear the blocks that are still holding you back
  • Connect more to your heart's desires and your own inner greatness.
  • Receive beautiful insights, guidance and transformation from the spirit world.
  • Discover your unique soul purpose.
  • Expand your impact in the world in a natural, attractive way.

You'll feel excited, empowered and strong. And fully able to follow your path. 

Rise into your greatness and shine your light out into the world.....

"Get ready to be amazed"

Discover life-changing possibilities in your business and life

Recognise any of these in your life?

  • You know you could be doing so much more in your business, but you can't get past all-consuming issues like relationships or finances. There's always something else that needs to happen first. 
  • You dream of massive impact, but every time you do, all-too familiar doubts creep in and stop you from acting (again). You wonder if you're one of those people who just never achieves their dreams.
  • You can't settle on 'your one thing' . Endlessly changing your mind is frustrating you and you're getting negative feedback from others. You want to choose, but somehow you can't. 
  • You're empathic and always supporting others (so you never have the time to support yourself). On the inside, you wonder why they don't do so much for you, but you can't break the pattern. 
  • You used to have wonderful dreams and then you became sensible (and you wish you didn't have to be). When you think about it (which you try not to do) you feel bored, tired and disappointed.
  • You've had bad experiences in the past, which can leave you feeling unsure, anxious or distanced from others.  You're fed up with how much they're still influencing you and your life.
  • Once upon a time, the world was your oyster and everything was possible. Now you're feeling held back and restricted. You want to break away from your current life, but that scares you too. 

What results can you expect?

  • Finally get unstuck from issues that are holding you back
  • Get clarity on your Life Purpose and Soul Calling
  • Discover more about what makes you unique: your talents, power and greatness
  • Gain deeper confidence to take the right next step for you and your business
  • Connect to your inner knowing that everything will work out in the best way for you
  • Feel free, alive and able to live the life you desire
  • Expand your impact in the world


FREE 15-minute introductory call

Set up a call to get to know me. If we're a match, I'll tell you how I could support you in your personal journey to clarity, alignment & success. 

30-minute breakthrough session

Shamanic session for burning issues that can't wait.

Find clarity about one issue or decision that you need solved now. Get past that stuck feeling and going in circles, so you can move on in your life and business. 

3-month VIP-journey

If you're ready for a life-changing journey to clarity, alignment & success, this 3-month personal VIP-package will support you through your transformational shift. 

  • Connect to your heart's desires and your own power within.
  • Receive support, guidance and transformation from the spirit world.
  • Strengthen your inner knowing and intuition at a deep level.
  • And, essential for you as a business owner, learn how to take your life and business to the next level.   


Marian Nielsen Joos

“Marian´s presence unfolds in that special space where hearts meet. You feel her healing. You reconnect, see your journey in life and know that you can do it. You trust yourself again and that everything is possible. It is a very special feeling to experience Marian’s love and belief in you. You realize that you are here on earth for a special purpose and for greater connection.”

Acupuncturist & Life Coach

Marian Nielsen Joos

“I run my business since many years and I always had these two souls inside me. One is the healer and one is the business coach. And I lived both of them very successful and profitable. The only thing was: With all the success I did not feel satisfied. I lived the marketing law of ‘focus on one niche’ half hearted. The focus either on healing, missing the business work, or the other way round.

After some sessions with Marian I found my perfect niche inside me. All I already knew came hit me like a hurrican and made me understand my full potential as a successful mind mentor, which includes Health and Business with Spirit.

So: If you get a chance to work with Marian, go for it. She looks into your soul and gives you the best growth advice ever.”

Successful-Mind Mentor

Marian Nielsen Joos

“You should all follow Marian's course if you want to find clarity about your purpose and what's blocking you from living it. She guides you into your soul calling and helps you find your way into your true life. Marian is caring, empathic and holds space like only few people can. She will make you feel at home in your own soul. Go do this!”

Consultant & (Team-)Coach

“First you are the student, then the practitioner, later on, the teacher and in the end, you can become the Shaman.”


Master Jeffrey Yuen,

Daoist Priest, New York City