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As a conscious entrepreneur, you choose to work in a way that is aligned to who you are and what you want to achieve in the world. Your company is so much more for you (and others) than only a way to make money. 

Your business is how you spread your message and mission: to make the world a better place.  

I founded the Conscious Business Summits for heart-centred soulful entrepreneurs like you. No matter where you are on your journey at the moment. If you know deep down that you are here for a reason, then these summits are for you. 

I am honoured to support you on your path. My heart-to-heart conversations with incredible entrepreneurial change-makers and conscious leaders will inspire and empower you on your own transformational entrepreneur journey.

Marian, Your Business Shaman

Meet Your Conscious Speakers & Experts

These extraordinary, conscious experts, leaders and soulful entrepreneurs will inspire and empower you in unique heart-to-heart conversations with Marian. Catch the daily lives in the FB community to share your reactions with others.

Your Inspirational Conscious Speaker on Thursday 12 March 

Watch Marian in heart-to-heart conversation with Janet Atwood,

a spiritual change-maker & global transformational leader.


Opening session 20.00 CET

Janet Attwood

#1 New York Times bestseller author & heart-centered global transformational leader

 "What do passion & self love have to do with success?"


Your Inspirational Conscious Speakers on Friday 13 March 

Watch Marian in heart-to-heart conversation with these beautiful, inspiring leaders & spiritual mentors.

10.00 CET

Dr. Janna Scharfenberg
Doctor of Ayurveda & Health,
Yoga teacher & Podcast Host

"Ayurveda: a little-known key to business success"


15.00 CET

Elena Herdieckerhoff
Consciousness Coach &
TEDx Speaker Coach

"Align your business with love
to create miracles"


20.00 CET 

Lisa Peek
Wealth Identity &
Soul Aligned Business Coach

"How awakening my feminine power created miracles in my life and business"


Your Inspirational Conscious Speakers on Saturday 14 March 

Hear Marian talk heart-to-heart with these can-do, impactful entrepreneurs & change-makers.

10.00 CET 

Pepa Cobos

The Spanish Podcast Queen &
Multipotential Powerhouse Mentor

"How one journey changed my business and life completely"


15.00 CET 

Deasha Waddup

Social Media Strategy Coach &
Manager for Wellness Entrepreneurs

"How to say yes to success without spending money on ads"


20.00 CET

Lana Shlafer

Mindset Coach &
Law Of Attraction Expert

"3 blocks keeping you from manifesting that miracle"


Your Inspirational Conscious Speakers on Sunday 15 March

See Marian connect heart-to-heart with these wonderful, conscious leaders & spiritual teachers.


10.00 CET

Mike Robinson

Spiritual Teacher, Inspirational Leader
&  Best Selling Author

 "There is no such thing as failure"



15.00 CET 

Kirsten Stendevad

 Nordic Awakener of a more Feminine Future & Illuminary Leadership Catalyst

"How to step up to feminine business leadership"



20.00 CET

Dr. Andrea Pennington

Conscious Branding Media Master
  Integrative Doctor & Lightworker Activator

"Conscious Branding: How to leverage the media for global success in business"


Our experts have been featured in

Grand Finale & Summit Highlights

Business Miracles Masterclass

 with Marian, Your Business Shaman

Wednesday 18 March at 20.00 CET 


With all my heart, I am inviting you to the grand finale of this amazing summit with knowledge and wisdom from these wonderful, conscious leaders, experts and entrepreneurs. 

I'll give you a recap of the summit highlights and I'll take you on a journey into your intuitive powers. Hint: this will keep what you've learned in the summit working in your subconscious after the summit.

I'll guide you towards a strong vision for your path towards outer success, as you experience mindset shifts and release blocked emotions.

You won't want to miss this special experience as this is the highlight and the bridge build for soulful empowerment.


What you will gain from this

Conscious Business Summit

1. You'll know how to harness your inner flow to boost your business

2. You'll recognize THE most important success factor in your business

3. You'll see why conscious business is your way forward

4. You'll hear inspirational stories of how miracles have transformed businesses & lives

5. You'll discover how to find your own business miracle

6. You'll understand the connection between your life purpose and your business impact

7. You'll experience how spirituality and ancient traditions can support your business and personal growth

Hejsa, I've got a question for you:

Do you believe in miracles?
Miracles turn out to have a deep impact on your business!

I do, because I see them happening again and again with my clients.

I'm Marian, your business shaman, and I help heart-centred female entrepreneurs (like you!) who want to show their true self and step into their full potential. 

Does this sound like you?
  • You know that what you’re doing makes the world a better place
  • But something is holding you back, perhaps inner boundaries or negative stories from the past that you just can't shake off, so you can't take that next step forward
  • Secretly, you sometimes wonder if following your heart in your business is even an option
  • Loved ones are telling you you need to be more sensible and you're starting to worry they might be right 
Then you've come to the right place! I’ve created a unique 4-day experience to support you in empowering your life and business.

The Unlock Your Business Miracle summit shows you how to connect to your heart with confidence AND build a successful business ALL while following your inner voice. That's even if you have no idea how a business shaman could support you.

Be inspired and ignited by the powerful business miracles of 10 international experts and spiritual leaders. Get deep insights for your own journey to abundance, impact and success. Learn how to unlock your own business miracle and take the next amazing step in your business and life.

Are you ready for your inspirational & transformational journey?


Hejsa, I'm Marian!

I'm your Business Shaman, guiding female entrepreneurs & transformational leaders to their full potential and for their mission to clarity, alignment and success. 

I've always been fascinated by our soul purpose, what makes us unique and connected at the same time. That's why I embraced my life calling of shamanism, after over 20 years of working with the Chinese healing arts.

I've learned how to support others let go of blocked emotions, so you can rewrite your story, see your potential and step into your greatness with your own soul purpose and life calling.

I work with natural powers and shamanic traditions to help you with your inner process work and guide you to your path towards outer success and impact.

I am deeply inspired by great networking and soulful connections. This has led me to do these interviews for personal & business growth at the Conscious Business Summits

Look forward to openness and inspiring heart-to heart conversations to ignite your life and business.

Visit my page: www.mariannielsenjoos.com


What others want you know about Marian

Marian Nielsen Joos

“I met Marian through our business coach and she attracted me right away with her lovely appearance and the love she sends out to people. She is truly a light... Amazing how she is able to connect... I would definitely recommend Marian as a guide to make changes in your life, for business and personal”

Online Marketing Mentor - Holland

Marian Nielsen Joos

“If you get a chance to work with Marian, go for it. She looks into your soul and gives you the best growth advice ever.”

Successful-Mind Mentor - Germany

Marian Nielsen Joos

“Marian is a light - a sparkler, not just personally, but professionally. With her guidance, you will be able to shine light on your dark places and see how to make your life, your business - your world, more functional, profitable, happier, lighter, profitable. ”

Custom Jewelry Designer & Colored Gem Expert - USA


  •  Get access to the deeply inspiring & transforming summit interviews with conscious leaders. You will be greatly inspired and empowered by these heart-to-heart conversations.
  • Learn about Marian's supporting program to discover your own business miracle. Inspiration is great and necessary, but what if you want to take the next step? That is what Marian's signature program  Lead with Soul helps female entrepreneurs to achieve. 
  •  Exclusive invitation to the Conscious Business Facebook Community. Find support in the conscious business community and take empowering next steps in your entrepreneurial journey. Be inspired and open up for your own business miracle here.
  •  Instant access to valuable, free gifts from the summit experts. This is one more way for these wonderful experts supporting you on your journey in business and life.
  •  Claim your spot at the life-changing grande finale "Business Miracles Masterclass" with Marian, Your Business Shaman. Shift your mind set, release blocked emotions and envisage your possibilities for 2020. Experience an inner process to guide you towards your path for outer success. Marian, in co-creation with ancient Shamanic traditions, will take you on a beautiful journey during this live, grand finale!

Are you ready to unlock your business miracle?

 4 Day Free Online Event 12 - 15 March 2020









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