Marian Meditation

Heart Guidance for Healing and Transformation

Come Home To Yourself.

Be Rooted In Your Heart.

Your spirit guides are supporting you.

This free meditation has been created to invite you to connect to your heart's wisdom and guidance for your life and business.

Re-awaken your self awareness and receive Heart Guidance for your healing and transformation. 

In this meditation, I have used my Shamanic rattle - you will hear this sound healing tool as you listen.  This sacred instrument is used to call upon the spirit guides and helpers from the non-ordinary reality.

It's beautiful sound helps to connect you to the of Shamanic journey and the higher power when you step in to the sacred space with this short meditation.

We will be adding more meditations through time - we will always send you any new ones we release and invite you to our meditation library when it's ready so you can access all of my meditations easily.