Discover your unique pathway to success in



Connect to your heart's desires and ignite your greatness from the inside out in this life-changing transformational journey.


Take your life and business to
your next level.

"Let me invite you into a sacred space and guide you

on your magical, inner journey to success”

Marian – Your Business Shaman

This powerful, transformational journey is for you if you want to celebrate your heart’s desires, make a deeper connection to your inner greatness,  discover your own unique pathway to success and elevate your life and business to the next level.

  • Take part in life-changing Shamanic sessions.  Understand and implement your own inner power and your unique gifts.
  • Reveal more of your true self through the ancient wisdom of Soul face reading.
  • Clear blocks away at a soul level, create inner freedom and open up for success.
  • Get valuable, heartfelt support from other female leaders in your sacred space.
  • And put your unique skills and talents to work for your business like never before. 


Say YES! to Lead with Soul for your life and business. 

“I just love to feel your energy during the journeys. You did not have to say anything but it happens anyway.”

Medina Törrissen, Sweden

Thank you Marian, you have helped me change into a better person! Helped me to let the “me” come to the surface, and stand for myself. Solid as a rock and same time flexible as a bird in the wind. These 9 months have been, and are very life changing for me. Life is lighter now, and it reflects in everything. So much loving thankfulness.”

Ellen Olie, Holland

Marian Nielsen Joos

“Working with Marian is something really very soft and nourishing yet deeply powerful. She shines her love for her clients and her work right into your heart and sees you how you did not think anybody could "see" you. In her Facereading Sessions I felt truly seen and understood and it made a lot of aspects of myself clearer to myself. Working with Marian is in my view the biggest gift you can give to yourself. The gift of healing and finding your true path and purpose.”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“When Marian started to beat the drum something deep inside me started to transform. In all honesty, I didn't know what to expect. A woman and a drum, right? My skeptical mind went from 'well it's slightly offbeat' to 'Okay what's happening?' I literary felt things shifting deep inside me, a huge fear of growing my business crumbled into nothingness within minutes. I honestly don't know what happened. All I know was that the fear was gone and hasn't come back.”



Are you ready to step into your next level? Want a deep dive into your heart's desires? Connect to your inner power? To truly enjoy your life and business? Is it time to discover your unique pathway to success?

Let me take you on an incredible journey. You'll be personally supported and guided by me and by the spirit world. You'll deepen your inner knowing and intuition. And, essential for you as a business owner, elevate your life and business to your next level.

It's time to clear blocks at a Soul level, so nothing can hold you back from walking your path to success. It's time to feel calm, empowered and strong. 

It's time to come home to yourself. 

Align with your Soul's calling and connect with the spirit world and all that it serves you. Embrace your inner greatness and light up your life and business!

What can you expect?


 Your very unique, personal transformation will take you through:

  • Discovering the deep, unconscious blocks that are stopping and slowing your success
  • Clearing these blocks and healing, so you make space for growth 
  • Connecting to your Divine Soul and spirit guides
  • Gaining clarity and life-changing insights about your heart's desires  
  • Feeling fully empowered and ready to take action 
  • Taking the next steps, as the leader in your business and life
  • Enjoying the success that comes from trusting your own unique path
Step into your unique magical journey

LEAD with SOUL is for you, if:

  • You want to deep dive to elevate your success from the inside out 
  • You desire to connect to your heart and power up your business
  • You're ready to ignite your greatness and unfold your unique pathway 
  • You long to grow your business and share your message
  • You want to get unstuck and enjoy success
  • You value personal support from Marian 

Let your Soul be your compass, liberate your true self and come home to your greatness.

Shine your inner light and embark on your unique pathway to success!

“If you want to have a spiritual experience where you can get in touch with your heart and spiritual guides, do not miss Marian's shamanic journeys, so you can sense more about your own self and the message that is waiting for you from your inner guardians.”

Tania Blanco, Switzerland


Break through your old habits and mindset patterns holding you back:

  • Stop playing small
  • Stop your old stories
  • Stop fear of success
  • Stop low energy
  • Stop emotional blocks
  • Stop scarcity mindset

Uncover and shift into your true greatness with the Shamanic Sessions:

  • Self Confidence Shift
  • Higher Vibrational Shift 
  • Profound Mindset Shift 
  • Self Empowerment Shift
  • Deeper Awareness Shift 
  • Shine Successfully Shift

“Do it! - It's deep, and profound. Marian creates an unique opportunity to enter a safe, loving space for you to explore places within you, that you might never see, if you don't. You will return, more whole, with a sense of openness, strength. And a sense of "coming home".

Vivi Borregaard Adamz, Denmark 

Who is Marian Nielsen Joos, the Business Shaman? Marian-30(1).jpg

Hejsa, I’m Marian your Business Shaman and transformational mentor. I believe that you have unique gifts to share. And that once you have unlocked and accepted these gifts, you can become a true leader in your life and business. For me, female leadership is the answer to our challenging times.   

I'll guide you on a magical, inner journey of self-discovery using my visionary talents and deep acceptance. 

My programmes are one of a kind and life-changing. They will take you from wherever you are not to clearly seeing and rebirthing your life and business. 

Now, I'm inviting you to become a leader in your life and business. The leader that, deep down, you have always felt you should or could be.

It's time to LEAD with SOUL. 

Get ready to be amazed! 

“Step into the sacred space, your sacred circle and you will always be safe, as there is a hand above you and a hand below you protecting you.”

Marian – Your Business Shaman

Messages from the heart about Marian's work

Marian Nielsen Joos

“It was a privilege to be part of the Marian’s Shamanic Drum Journey as she led a group of engaged, sensitive, high-achieving female entrepreneurs through a process of releasing fears and ultimately opening up to opportunities and breakthroughs. It was my first Shamanic Drum experience and I was struck by Marian’s sense of calm, control and sensitivity to those around her, guided by her intuition and experience. You could have heard a pin drop as she softly guided us along, inviting us to follow the natural rhythm of her drum. I was struck by how one of the oldest methods of healing in the world could have such a profound effect on our modern life - and environment. Thank you Marian for this memorable experience and for reminding us to go back to our true essence - the heart way!”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“Marian is opening a lot of doors for us all with her shamanic work. Bringing it to all on a personal and business level. That is also earthkeepers work. To open up that inner heart and the connection to spirit which results in more connection to everything around us, because what is within is also out side and vice versa.”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“Dearest Marian Nielsen Joos My beautiful Shaman - Thank you for some amazing hours. You have given me the most wonderful gift, I have been looking for around the World for years. Thank you from the deepest of my heart. You are forever my Shaman. Thank you for living your purpose. I can recommend you to all people, who want to see the light inside out Love you. Love Pia”


Frequently Asked Questions about LEAD with SOUL

What does a Business Shaman do?

I support female entrepreneurs and business owners to uncover and become their greatness. I help them clear their blocks to success at a Soul level, so they can connect to their full potential and follow their own unique pathway to success in business and life. We work with shamanic practices and rituals, Soul Face Reading and magical, motivational techniques. 

What makes this experience unique?

The mix of magic, shamanism and business, as well as the loving care you receive from Marian. And don't forget the life-changing results! 

How do I know this program will work for me?

This program encourages you to open up and accept the information, guidance and insights that the spirit world is giving you. We discuss any challenges you experience during your sessions. This program will be in a sacred space and you will feel safe to embrace all that you experience and is revealed to you. 

Your 3-month Deep Dive and 6-month Full Circle?

In the first 3-months you'll do a Deep Dive and discover incredible things about your unique self and potential for leadership in your life and business. Following this, you will have 6-month implementational journey to anchor these insights and start transforming into the leader you are. Your 9 month Full Circle! 

Do I need experience in shamanic journeying to join?

No, you don’t. If you can dream, you can dream travel or journey. If you do have experience, you’ll find that journeying becomes easier. I'll be guiding you and holding space for you too.

Can I do the journey if I'm not a business owner?

Yes, you can

Where is the course?

In a dedicated online sacred space (Facebook and Zoom). You'll also be doing rituals and ceremonies outside in Nature, where possible. 

I'm very busy, how much time does this take?

You will need to schedule time for the sessions and for rituals plus ceremonies in between. Very powerful. 

It's a challenge for me to invest so much. What's your perspective on this?

Truly life-transforming programs are few and far between. I've chosen to make sure I can fully support my participants on their journey, so you get personalised attention and to take your time. You're investing in your future when you join Lead with Soul.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in installments. The first payment is due when you register.

How long will I have access to the materials?

For 12 months

Have a question that isn't answered here?

About the effect of LEAD with SOUL

Marian Nielsen Joos

“In this relatively short time I've come to see my potential as a healer much clearer. This is huge considering my work over the last year to get clear on where I want to head with my business and my role in the business.”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“I realised the power of trust and surrender.
I learnt to listen to my inner voice.
I learnt to understand messages that come to me through symbols - in dreams or shamanic visions.”


Practical information 


Price:  7888 euros as one payment (payment plan available)

Where: online transformational program, with rituals and ceremonies in Nature near you  

Who for: female entrepreneurs & business owners who want to take their business and life to the next level, connect to their heart’s desires, ignite their greatness from the inside out and discover their own unique pathway to success.

Step onto your unique success path

What does LEAD with SOUL include?

During the 9-month Full Circle you'll receive 

The first 3-month is your Deep Dive

Welcoming ritual and introductory session (€400 value)

6 life-changing, live Shamanic sessions (€2400 value)

1-on-1 soul face reading session with Marian, to learn more about your unique potential (€288 value)

2 transformational coaching sessions  (€800 value)

 Celebrate Ceremony for your Successes so far (€400 value)

Profound, weekly themes and personal, motivational support from Marian (priceless!)

Private Facebook, your sacred space, to share your experiences and
receiving support from Marian on your journeys (priceless!)



The next 6-month is your Implementation 

6 life-changing, monthly Shamanic sessions (€2000 value)

1-on-1 private, magical Oracle session with Marian (€400 value)

 Grande Finale Celebration with the 4 elements Final Ceremony (€500 value)

6 profound, monthly themes and personal, motivational support from Marian 

Extra assignments to deepen your experience and your individual feedback from Marian 

Continue in your sacred space, experience the 30-day gratitude journey (priceless!)



3-month Deep Dive Bonus  

As soon as you have booked, you get access to the Shamanic Session "Break Down to Break Through".              Learn how life's troubles lead to our greatest breakthroughs. 


9-month Full Circle Bonus

Watch-at-any-time Magical Money Mindet Masterclass.
Release money blockages and prepare for an amazing future.

Marian Nielsen Joos

“Your guidance has helped me change my beliefs. Beliefs that have numbed and immobilised me for so long. Now I finally can see and own up to the fact that my zone of genius is in my clearsentientness. And that energetic work and my intuition and high sensitivity are my true powers, and that it is my soul's calling to work with these strengths. I’m finally able to move forward! Thank you from the bottom of my heart”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“It was sometimes challenging but with Marian as my guide I knew I would get through to the other side. It was enjoyable to connect within and to Mother Earth. I gained clarity and confidence to move forward knowing now that I am supported from all angles.”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“I feel calmer and more confident. I also trust in the future to bring the perfect opportunity to my path. At the beginning, I was trying to control the process, but not anymore. ”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“Thank you Marian for guiding us through these wonderful 12 weeks. I have made many notes and will go back to them whenever I need a gentle reminder of what I learned. These 12 weeks will for ever stay in my heart!”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“Amazing. I was ready for this, and program really supported me in this process of becoming leader for my new born team and my clients.”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“Things have finally slotted into place. There is nothing holding me back now, which I can't solve in the outside world. So, I've found what I needed to make success in the outside world possible. That's really exciting!”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“I feel that things have become more clear. And I have received a lot of insights and healing during these weeks. I have loved how the subject of each week has been built up, it seems like the order of the subjects/themes has come in a very natural way. I feel I am living more from my heart now.”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“It's more simple when I'm in my heart.
It's safe to dream!
Fear is only in the mind”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“When I am attuned to my Home frequency I can even walk on water so I trust life in my process to such extent that I am able to leap without looking with my eyes, i.e. without involving my mind.”


Guarantee: I want you to feel completely satisfied with LEAD with SOUL. So, if you join in fully and are still not happy after 14 days, just let me know and I will refund the remainder of your fee.