Your Heart-Healing Journey

For soulful women seeking calmness, inner peace and abundance










Worried, uneasy or struggling? Let me hold sacred space for you to heal, so you can find calmness and inner peace.

Discover your gateway to abundance in your life!

“I never thought it would happen so fast”

Get your heart-healing journey for 298 euros

Ready to connect to the healing power of your heart?

Life is a healing journey - out of your head and into your heart!

Let go of struggle and open up to wonderful opportunities in your life.

The heart-healing journey is your gateway to calmness, inner peace and abundance.

And I'll be your guide for your transformation!


Recognize any of these?

  • Your life used to flow easily, but now you're struggling?
  • You keep going round in circles and you have no idea how to slow down?   
  • Are you getting triggered by situations and people and feeling powerless?
  • Do you long to come home to yourself and feel really connected?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, read on 

"One day after the session with Marian I am still glowing deeply. Marian gave me a simple but so wonderful exercise to bring what was missing back into my life. Today I got compliments for how radiant I look and behave and I feel 10 years younger. I can’t believe how much I have changed from just yesterday." Martina, Germany

Embrace your healing journey like Martina did, heal the past and learn how to feel calmer and more peaceful, so you can welcome abundance into your life. 

What your heart-healing journey can do for you... listen and feel my invitation to you! 

"We all become Shamans when we listen to our hearts and break free."

"This feeling of my Heart always being there and being able to connect with the peace within no matter what other stuff are happening is a gift." Randi, Norway


Get your heart healing journey for 298 euros Get your heart healing journey PLUS soul face reading for 398 euros

What you'll gain from your magical healing journey: 

  • You'll know exactly how to follow the beat of your own DRUM... your own HEARTBEAT  
  • You'll experience unforgettable moments of HEALING  
  • You'll reclaim your Lost Power and feel WHOLE again 
  • You'll return to feeling CALM, INNER PEACE AND ABUNDANCE
  • You'll discover the secret to shine your LIGHT from the inside out and become MAGNETIC 

Open the door to your magical Heart-Healing Journey with
*simple assignments  *beautiful healing rituals  *mindset shifts
*life-transforming shamanic journeying 

 Starts June 8th until July 5th
Your online heart healing retreat


Heal the past, connect to what's happening NOW - and  joyfully welcome in the future.

Each Week You'll Receive

Start of the week: a 20 minute video to get you started on the weekly module. Plus a 7-9 min audio meditation to be used throughout the week for daily heart connection.

Weekly rituals: transformational gateways for your healing path. Make this part of your daily routine to feel their powerful effects.

Access to the weekly webinar: live online webinar for each week’s healing journey. Let the magic happen!

Sacred Space: Join the online healing space. Share your experiences and transformation.

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"It has been really beautiful to be a part of something so moving and uplifting. I have felt quite a burden on my shoulders, my heart, my mind for a long time. Now I have a smile and I am feeling more at peace" Desiree, USA

Welcoming Days

Enter the sacred space from Friday 5th of June and start your heart-healing journey. Watch the welcome video, enjoy your heart healing ritual and a heart opening song that will get right under your skin and make you believe in miracles! And that's before we've even started!

Your Magical Heart Healing Journey

Week 1

The Heart Way

Reconnect with your Conscious Heart (and Soul). Start to live in a more alive, conscious way.

You will start to see, feel, hear and experience being more awaken. 

Week 2

Your Journey 

Reflect on your life journey until now. Discover the healing messages in it and the red thread woven through your path.  

Now you will start to embrace your healing messages and signs.

Week 3

Self-Healing Power

Awaken your inner self-healing power and the deep trust in your ability to heal yourself.

Here you will embrace healing forgiveness for yourself and others.

Week 4

Soul Retrieval

In week 4 we do the shamanic work to bring back the “lost” parts of your soul and power you have lost along your way.

Embrace lost Soul Parts and rediscover calmness, inner peace and abundance.

"Participating in Marian's program was a real joy, an inner trip to the deepest of Self. Marian has a gentle and loving way to guide you through a meaningful journey to discover what the subconscious mind, the Soul and divine guides have in the drawer for you, facing what is holding you back and visioning what is there as a potential for becoming. Thank you, Marian, for this gift." Tanja, Switzerland


"Magical Money Mindset"
Pre-recorded masterclass to get clearer on your vision and
release your money blocks!


Get your heart healing journey for 298 euros Get your heart healing journey PLUS soul face reading for 398 euros

Let me lead you on your magical heart journey for transformation 

Healing and transformation have always deeply  fascinated me. As the business shaman and shamanic healer, I know the amazing power within our heart for healing. 

Pain is a “red thread” woven through our lives (mine included) and it is always an opportunity for positive change.

Each time we experience pain we fall down... but we can always get back up again and learn.

I truly believe that for calmness and inner peace we need Soul Retrieval. That's a shamanic ritual when we call lost Soul parts back home. It helps us heal from  the past.

I also work with the ancient Chinese Soul Face Reading method - another gateway to deep healing. To the trained eye, our faces reveal many secrets and unexpected ways to grow, heal and transform.

Enjoy my unique combination of Shamanic Journeying and Soul Face Reading to take you further in your business and life.


Just in case you're wondering..... 

I've never done shamanic journeying, how does it work? 

If you can dream, you can dream travel (that's another name for shamanic journeying). Shamanic journeying is an ancient tradition for healing and growing. That makes it the most proven method around!  You'll also get my expert advice and personal support during the sessions. Ready to dream?

I'm feeling overwhelmed, how will this help me? 

You'll notice your feelings of overwhelm and confusion reduce very quickly during the healing heart journey. You just need to invest some of your time in the live shamanic sessions. I'll do the rest.

How is it worth my investment?  

I don't know your budget and I want you to feel good about working with me. Ask yourself this before you decide. How much is feeling calmer and more peaceful worth to you? How long do you want to wait to see if it happens by itself? Remember the bonus with the money mindset shift too. 

Can I get individual support? 

You certainly can. Check out the special add-on. Get a unique, personal soul face reading. Boost your healing journey with unique insights into your character and your future path. You can also work with me individually for 1:1 coaching if you need extra support. Please reach out to me via email in this case:, so we can set up a call. 


Get your heart healing journey for 298 euros Get your heart healing journey PLUS face reading for 398 euros

What others want you to know about Marian

"When Marian started to beat the drum something deep inside me started to transform. In all honesty, I didn't know what to expect. A woman and a drum, right? What does it mean? My skeptical mind went from 'well it's slightly offbeat' to 'Okay what's happening?' I literary felt things shifting deep inside me, a huge fear of growing my business crumbled into nothingness within minutes. I honestly don't know what happened. All I know was that the fear was gone and hasn't come back."

Esther De Charon De Saint Germain  
 Brave Branding & Business Queen, Holland

"Dearest Marian Nielsen Joos My beautiful Shaman - Thank you for some amazing hours. You have given me the most wonderful gift, I have been looking for around the World for years. Thank you from the deepest of my heart. You are forever my Shaman. Thank you for living your purpose. I can recommend you to all people, who want to see the light inside out. Love you. Love Pia""

Pia Nissen Tylak
Spiritual Teacher, Soul Reader & Healer, Denmark

I want you to be completely happy with the Heart Healing Journey. That's why I'm offering you my personal guarantee. Join in and do the exercises and journeying for 14 days. If, after that, you're not completely satisfied, I'll be happy to refund your purchase. Why 14 days? Because I know that if you  join in, you'll be amazed by your results.

Will I see you in the sacred healing space? 


Get your heart healing journey for 298 euros Get your heart healing journey PLUS face reading for 398 euros

Includes 3-month access to the Heart-Healing Journey.
Any questions at all?