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Connect to your heart's desires and ignite your business from the inside out through this life-changing transformational journey

“Allow me to support you in your inner process work for achieving & evelating outer success.”

Marian – Your Business Shaman

This 12-week program, a powerful transformational journey, is for you if you are a female entrepreneur who wants to elevate your business to the next level, follow your heart’s desires, make a deeper connection to your inner power and discover your own unique pathway to success in life and business.

  • Be part of life-changing Shamanic sessions.  Understand and implement your own inner power and your unique abilities.
  • Discover more about your true self through the magic of soul face reading.
  • Clear blocks away at a soul level, create freedom and open up for success.
  • Get valuable, heartfelt feedback from your supportive group community.
  • And put your skills to work for your business like never before. 




The time is now and you desire transformation from the inside out...
Are you ready for your next level? It is time for a deeper dive into your heart's desires? Connect to your inner power? Thrive in your life and business? Want to ignite your light and take your unique pathway to success? 

During this 12-week transformational group program I, Marian Nielsen Joos, The Business Shaman, will take you on an incredible journey to connect deeply to your heart's desires and your own power within. You will connect with the spirit world for support, guidance and transformation. You'll strengthen your inner knowing and intuition on a deep level. And, essential for you as a business owner, learn how to elevate your life and business to the next level. Clear blocks on a Soul level to create free flow, so nothing can hold you back from walking your path. You’ll feel calm, empowered and strong. Others will will feel that too (and want some of that magnetic energy!). 

This is a very powerful transformational program and profoundly effective.  I am a highly successful business owner, who knows that you don’t get something for nothing. That’s why it’s crazy not to let your inner power  work for you and your business. Be aligned with the spirit world and all that is served from that source. It’s time to embrace all of this and light up your life and business!

To make sure your transformation is truly powerful, I am limiting the Lead with SOUL group to no more than 10-12 entrepreneurs. That way I am able to give you the personal support and mentoring this program needs.  

“I just love to feel your energy during the journeys. You did not have to say anything but it happens anyway.”

Medina Törrissen, Sweden

Lead With SOUL is for you, if

  • You want to deep dive to elevate your success from the inside out 
  • You hear or want to hear your inner voice speaking to you about your heart's desires
  • Your business is ready to be ignited and unfold its unique pathway
  • You’re successful in your business, but is it your life calling?
  • You heart is calling you to make the changes you are ready for!
  • You feel you have it in you to have a flourishing business, but you can’t see the path to get there
  • You feel stuck in your business and you don’t know what to do next
  • You know there is something bigger waiting for you and you have a message to share!

Let your Soul be your compass, liberate your true self and feel empowered. 

Shine your inner light and embrace your business success!

What results can you expect?


 The results will be unique for you. How do these sound?

  • Connect with your unique inner power 
  • Take the next step you need as the leader in your business
  • Enjoy the success that comes from following your own unique path
  • Discover the deeper unconscious blocks that are holding you back
  • Work on removing these blocks and set yourself free
  • Fall (even more) in love with your life and business 
  • Gain clarity, insights, transformaiton and healing
  • Feel fully empowered and ready to take action

“If you want to have a spiritual experience where you can get in touch with your heart and spiritual guides, do not miss Marian's shamanic journeys, so you can sense more about your own self and the message that is waiting for you from your inner guardians.”

Tania Blanco, Switzerland


What does Lead with SOUL include?


For €2088 You'll Receive...

Welcoming ritual and introductory session, valued at €400

6 life-changing live Shamanic sessions, at a €2400 value

1-on-1 face reading session with Marian, to learn more about your unique potential, valued at €288

2 transformational live group coaching sessions, worth €800 

3 guest expert masterclasses. These alone are worth €999 

1 Grand Finale to Celebrate your Success, at a €600 value

Dedicated Facebook community, your sacred space, to share your experiences and
support each other in your transformational journeys (priceless!)


Bonus 1... 


68307040_2414680761911681_1029553065860005888_n.jpgWatch-at-any-time Shamanic Webinar Session "Break Down to Break Through" by Marian. Learn how life's troubles lead to our greatest breakthroughs.


                Bonus 2... 

LIVE Farewell-2019-energy session in December. Prepare for Lead with Soul, by releasing blockages and preparing for an amazing 2020.

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“Do it! - It's deep, and profound. Marian creates an unique opportunity to enter a safe, loving space for you to explore places within you, that you might never see, if you don't. You will return, more whole, with a sense of openness, strength. And a sense of "coming home"

Vivi Borregaard Adamz, Denmark 


6 Shamanic Sessions and their themes:

  • Self Confidence Shift
  • Higher Vibrational Shift 
  • Profound Mindset Shift 
  • Self Empowerment Shift
  • Deeper Awareness Shift 
  • Shine Successfully Shift

     Break Free to Break Through:

  • Stop playing small
  • Stop your old stories
  • Stop fear of success
  • Stop low energy
  • Stop emotional blocks
  • Stop scarcity mindset

Who is Marian Nielsen Joos, the Business Shaman? Marian-30(1).jpg


Being the Business Shaman is my second life-calling. In fact, I held back from calling myself this for a long time. Shamanism called me before I was ready to step into my power. The way of the Shaman is The Way of the Heart, and this is my heart’s desire, my soul purpose!

I was born in the North of Denmark and have lived in the Swiss Alps for  over 20 years with my husband and our three children. My natural surroundings have always been very important to me. I learned the power of the sea as a child and now I also know the power of the mountains.

My roots are in Chinese Medicine, inner alchemy, and running a very successful clinic for 15 years. I have organized 4 international Chinese Medicine Congresses in Denmark, 2 online Chinese Medicine Summits and many online webinars. Now running online Conscious Business Summit as part of my gift ot the world. I gave this all up to step onto my Business Shaman path. Because that is where my Soul is calling me home! And where I  follow the beat of my own drum to serve with my mission, share my message and create impact in the world!

Sweet smiles from the Swiss Apls - Marian, Your Business Shaman

“Step into the sacred space, your sacred circle and you will always be safe, as there is a hand above you and a hand below you protecting you”

Marian – Your Business Shaman

What do others say about Marian?

  • Marian Nielsen Joos

    “After completing Lead With Soul, I’m finally feeling at home in myself, I’m no longer dragged around by my fearful beliefs. I can feel where I (my soul) want to go. Even when fear takes over, I can get out of it on my own. I no longer feel like a hostage of my own fears and insecurities, even when they do arise. I am finally making steps forward as I am not afraid of my strengths anymore😃”

    Coach and lightworker

  • Marian Nielsen Joos

    “My progress in Lead with Soul has been Phenomenal! <3 I do really feel much more connected and more confident now. Working with Marian is something really very soft and nourishing yet deeply powerful. She shines her love for her clients and her work right into your heart and sees you how you did not think anybody could "see" you. I felt truly seen and understood and it made a lot of aspects of myself clearer to myself. Working with Marian is in my view the biggest gift you can give to yourself. The gift of healing and finding your true path and purpose.”

  • Marian Nielsen Joos

    “Dearest Marian Nielsen Joos My beautiful Shaman - Thank you for some amazing hours. You have given me the most wonderful gift, I have been looking for around the World for years. Thank you from the deepest of my heart. You are forever my Shaman. Thank you for living your purpose. I can recommend you to all people, who want to see the light inside out Love you. Love Pia”

    Spiritual counsellor and Master Spirit Coach

  • Marian Nielsen Joos

    “When Marian started to beat the drum something deep inside me started to transform. In all honesty, I didn't know what to expect. A woman and a drum, right? What does it mean? My skeptical mind went from 'well it's slightly offbeat' to 'Okay what's happening?' I literary felt things shifting deep inside me, a huge fear of growing my business (what will happen when I really become this well known Personal Branding Expert!) crumbled into nothingness within minutes. I honestly don't know what happened. All I know was that the fear was gone and hasn't come back.”

    Personal Branding Expert

  • Marian Nielsen Joos

    “In this relatively short time during Lead with Soul, I've come to see my potential as a healer much clearer. This is huge considering my work over the last year to get clear on where I want to head with my business and my role in the business.”

    Manager Ytra Lón Farm and healer

Practical information 

Starts: April 6th and runs until June 28th, 2020.

Investment: 2088 euros.

Where: online transformational program, with exclusive Sacred Space inside Facebook

Who for: maximum 10-12 female entrepreneurs who want to elevate their business to the next level, follow their heart’s desires, make a deeper connection to their inner power and take their own unique pathway to success in life and business

PS you can also do this transformational journey 1:1 with Marian please contact us to set up a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the course here:

What is a Business Shaman?

As far as I know, I’m unique in this. I support female entrepreneurs via shamanic practices and rituals to break free to break through, clear blocks on a Soul level, connect to their full potential and purpose so they can strengthen their lives and follow their own unique pathway to business success. 

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient tradition, practice and a way of life. See it as a deep connection to nature and as the ancient spiritual practices of indigenous cultures. Shamanism can be viewed at the universal spiritual wisdom inherent to all indigenous tribes. It uses drumming and rattling to help you journey. Journeying is also called dream travelling, where you connect to the spirit world. Here you can find your power animals and spirit guides. This  gives you insight, guidance, personal growth and transformation. All of which support you in your everyday life.   

What if I’m Christian/Muslim/Jewish/Hindu/Buddhist/Pagan/atheist etc, can I still do this?

Yes, you can. Everyone is welcome in this safe space. When we talk about spirit guides: these are your helpers on your own unique path.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can, you can pay in 3 instalments of 398 euros per month. 

Where is the course?

Online, in a dedicated Facebook community, specially for the dynamic, soulful female entrepreneurs taking this course.

Do I need experience in shamanic journeying to join?

No, you don’t. If you can dream, you can dream travel or journey. If you do have experience, you’ll find that journeying becomes easier.

How do I know this program will work for me?

This program will work for anyone who is able to open up and accept the information, guidance and insights that the spirit world is giving you. If you find this difficult, we can discuss this during the Q&A sessions or during your 1-on-1 call. Sometimes the mind gets in the way of letting go and accepting this wisdom from an ancient tradition. This program will be in a sacred space and you will feel safe to embrace all that is revealed to you. 

I’m a man, am I welcome to join?

You’re welcome to join, as long as you appreciate that the majority of group members will be female and that will colour what we do and how we communicate. There is room for a few good men!

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Connect to your heart's desires and ignite your business from the inside out









Guarantee: I want you to feel completely satisfied with this course. So, if you join in fully and are still not happy with this course after 14 days, let me know and I will refund the remainder of your course fee.

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