This 4-week course is a break-through experience for female entrepreneurs and your first steps for lasting success.


Liberate yourself from what is holding your back and step into your unique personal potential. You know there is more within you. NOW is the time for you to rise and to shine by passing through the gateway to freedom and success. Start to blossom in your life and business.

Marian Nielsen Joos

“Absolutely do this course! It is the most unique experience and being guided by Marian is a real gift in your life! The journeys really bring you deeply in touch with your soul and give you so much clarity! If you want to feel love and being supported in your life, then you need to experience this. I don't even call it a course, for me it was a transformational journey! ”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“I would highly recommend the course if you want to know more about yourself! Shamanic Journey is a wonderful tool to receive the answers for your life questions, to find your peace, hope and strenght, to release your fears. There is also a Sacred Space created in which you can share your thoughts and insights and read what others receive. It gives the feeling of community. I felt safe and calm sharing my thoughts. And one of the most important thing, Marian Nielsen Joos is a wonderful, full of good energy person and makes everything that the journeys are safe and full of insights. She takes care of everyone and answers all questions. I feel very grateful for her now that she was leading that course ❤️ ”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“Do it! - It´s deep, and profound. Marian creates an unique opportunity to enter a safe, loving space for you to explore places within you, that you might never see, if you don´t. You will return, more whole, with a sense of openness, strength. And a sense of "coming home”



This course is not about information, it’s all about ease and an internal transformational shift.


Live your purpose and passion to the fullest and stop playing small. Join me, your Business Shaman, and be open for ancient wisdom to help shape your business success!

This course is for:

Extraordinary female entrepreneurs, who want to step up their game by breaking through their limitations, so they can live the life of their dreams. They are ready for success in their life and business.


This is what you get:

A free 4-weeks-  Course for extraordinary female entrepreneurs


You will have experienced first-hand how ancient wisdom can support you and how you show up in the world. You will understand how these techniques can help you achieve your potential in business. You will have taken the first step to freedom and success.


Are you open to exploring ancient wisdom and to stepping into this inner transformational shift with Marian Your Business Shaman?


Hejsa, I’m Marian your Business Shaman and my mission is to help you break free to break through in business and life, so you can live your life’s purpose and have greater impact in the world.


Marian Nielsen Joos

“This course is phenomenal!! So empowering and transformational – and fun. I really enjoyed it and it has made such a positive difference in my life. I feel these changes will have a long-term effect, as well. Marian is not only a skilled transformational shaman and coach, she has an incredibly BEAUTIFUL energy. She IS what she teaches. Her love and light-filled presence, genuine support for each and every person in the group and gentle yet empowering energy, all combine to form the magic glue, which makes this course so unique, effective and exceptional.”


Marian Nielsen Joos

“Marian is the right person to trust. She creates loving sacred space for you to venture into a maybe new for you territory and holds the space for you with her big heart and radiant energy. Her sequence of journeys, which build up on each other, help a lot to really stick with a topic and keep working on it, or much better, let it work on you. To open up for entirely new perspectives and insights. It is a magical way of moving forward!”

Czech Republic

Marian Nielsen Joos

“I think a Shamanic Business Course makes a lot of sense. Anyone can tell you how to make a cash flow projection or plan a social media advertising campaign - that information is readily available - but not everyone can take you deep inside to find the disempowered parts of you that keep you from being successful no matter how many client lists or spread sheets you create. In this course you get to go right where these wounded parts reside and make practical changes that will translate into your waking, ordinary life.”