Marian Nielsen Joos
Shamanic Healer, Shamanic Face Reader and Spirit Guide

Hejsa and welcome to my universe. I am Marian, Your Business Shaman and I am so happy you're here on my page. That means you are looking for support in your business and life.

Let me introduce myself and share a part of my story.  I'd like to tell you how I can support you on your journey to the next level as you transform and shine your light, so you can support your people and have successful impact in your business.

heart beats for us all, to clear blocks away at a level as deep as your soul. That way nothing can hold you back anymore from unfolding your full potential, living your soul purpose and following your life calling.

I have come full circle myself, as I have broken free to allow myself to live my soul purpose as the business shaman. I now support heart-centred entrepreneurs in their transformational shift: a deep inner process for outer success.

Your breakthrough comes when we make a heart-to-heart connection and I see your soul. This is the gateway to the transformational shift and starts the process.  You'll gain clarity on your path, feel aligned at your core and break free from whatever is holding you back. This makes space for living your soul purpose and taking your life and business to the next level.

Our heart-to-heart conversation starts here. 

Marian, Your Business Shaman 

“Marian has a beautiful character and lot of insight and wide knowledge to guide you through your path and reach your potential, what you have come here to do.”

“The nicest thing was your 'genuineness', and sweetness. It was clear to feel how much you truly wanted the very best outcome and highest good for each participant”

“Marian is a gentle yet intense shaman with so much empathy, that will make you feel very comfortable.”

My ​ Mission ​

My mission is to help you break free to break through in business and life, so you can live your life's purpose and have greater impact in the world. , 


 My Full Circle

Life is a journey out of your head and into your heart, so you can feel aligned with your Soul purpose and live your life mission. I call this coming full circle; going home to who you always were and allowing that to unfold. My Soul purpose has always been as a healer and shaman. 

My own journey over the last 20 years, started with the painful loss of my mother, when she was only 49. She received acupuncture on her death bed, which was my gateway to Chinese Medicine and the first step on my path as a healer. Now, 20 years later, I have come full circle and can step into my Soul purpose of being your business shaman. I support you in your own healing journey to clarity, alignment and success.


My Inspiration​

I  deeply love getting INSPIRATION from everything around me. And I love to INSPIRE others too. What do we take into our Heart and what inspires us? This is a daily joy for me, finding inspiration in the smallest things. I cherish childlike enjoyment of simple things in adult life.  


My Heart To Heart Conversations

 Deep conversations that truly touch your heart, personally and professionally are food for the soul. Words can have healing power and can lead to transformational shifts. That's what I create during shamanic sessions and interviews. When you are truly seen, you can shine your light from the inside out.






“Marian’s heart felt guidance & sincerity conveyed through a simple structure helped me reach in to my inner truth”

“Your positive, motivating personality. Your openness about your own personal journey. Your encouragement for participants who have never journeyed and also the sharing of individual experiences within the group. You are a lovely!”

“Marian is the most wonderful, beautiful soul that you can imagine. Never met someone like her, she is a living fairy.”

“Break free to break through for your success
in life and business”


Marian, Your Business Shaman